I’m so excited for Dropbox Automator!

Today I read about an exciting new on-line project that will automate so many of our files and photos with Dropbox called Dropbox Automator.

Dropbox AppFor those of you that have used the Mac and messed around with OSX Automator, it sounds very much like how Dropbox Automator will work.
I have quite a lot of storage capacity with Dropbox, and would just love the ability to take a picture with your smartphone, or save a file, and have it automate the backup to Dropbox.
I currently have an automated backup plan with Evernote for every email I get that has an attachment. So currently if I wish to have an online backup of something, I send it via email to my Gmail account and it stores a copy of the attachment to Gmail, and then forwards it to Evernote. It is really slick, but the issue is that Evernote has upload limits unless you upgrade to the Pro account.
I can’t imagine my document and smartphone image backup exceding my current capacity for quite some time. So once Dropbox Automator irons out the kinks, I’m going to start organizing my Dropbox again and use the service.
Here is a bit more about the service…

Thirty-six hours ago, the recently founded software development firm Wappwolf launched Dropbox Automator, which is sort of like an IFTTT for Dropbox. IFTTT, for those of you not up to speed on the latest Internet trends (where have you been?!), is a pretty amazing online tool that automates tasks to trigger when a particular action has occurred. For example: when my Facebook profile picture changes, update my Twitter profile pic too; email me when Amazon posts its free Android app of the day; text me when a get a new email; etc.

via Dropbox Automator Is Like IFTTT For Dropbox | TechCrunch.


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