Why Google+ and Facebook are wrecking the Internet

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I came across a fantastic article over at readwriteweb.com about why Google+(and Facebook for that matter) is ruining the Internet as we know it. Found it on Twitter of all places…

I’m not a tech insider, and don’t pretend to know how the inter-web works. I have reactions to new services like most people and hope they improve how we all communicate and collaborate online. When Google+ first came out, I took it as a Facebook competitor that was going to be there as a social tool to share content, pictures, and updates with who you wanted. What I didn’t see coming was how it became a replacement for content.

It has turned out to be a massive disappointment! People are starting to realize that Google+ is slowly replacing the brilliant Google search function. You used to be able to say, ‘just go Google it’…Now you end up having a discussion with the person that did the Google search about why your results were different than theirs. Google is putting Google+ discussions about articles and blogs above the actual articles. They want to you to go to Google+ to read. And, they are profiling you with what they think you want to read and see.

I’m surprised that the #1 result for me isn’t boobs for every search I do!

If you’ve been on any social network, you know that the original content is bastardized into a short snippet and pales in comparison to the actual content. Do I want to spend my time reading comments and seeing who +1’d or Liked the article, or get the gist of the article by actually reading it?

The way things are going now, people are being herded to social networks to get their content. After reading the summary of the content, they make judgement or form their opinions.

Remember back in the day when people read books, newspapers, and magazines written by real authors? Nah, me either. I’m sure I lost most of you at the very beginning of the post. I’ve rambled on too much, and you probably just clicked the link at the bottom…haha. Good thing it actually goes to a well written blog post by a tech writer!

I hate Google+. Can’t stand it. It is agonizing to use. The stream is so noisy, it won’t even bother me when the inevitable Google ads arrive. Culturally, it feels like walking into a religious school. It swarms with disciples of the + waiting for the messianic downfall of the Evil Internet, so that the One True Google+ is all that’s left.But I’ve been polite. It’s my beat, so I’ve covered it fairly. When it gets a feature I love, I say so. When it does something obscenely bad, I give its creators a fair chance to respond. But it’s getting harder to grin and bear it. I’ve been a happy Google customer product for a long time, because Google tools used to enhance the Internet. But as Google ships “the Google part” of its new Google+ identity, it’s breaking the Web it once helped build. I can’t take it anymore.

via Google+ Is Going To Mess Up The Internet.


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  1. Yeah, this is scary and makes me wonder what kind of corrupt purpose is behind it because they clearly are not thinking of the user’s experience.

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