Microsoft playing dirty (like Apple) by blocking Linux on their Hardware

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I have mentioned a few times on here that I am a Linux user. I love it! It’s the operating system by the people, for the people…lol. I have grown to love the developers and users of the open source community, and whenever I read about Microsoft or Apple doing their dirty work to make sure others don’t benefit from the Linux experience, it makes me angry.
It’s not enough that Apple and Microsoft aren’t a couple of the biggest companies in the world sitting on mountains of cash. They have to stick it to the little guy.
Now, following in the steps of Apple and their locked-down iPhones, Microsoft seems to be heading in the direction of locking down hardware that will run Windows 8.

IMO, Microsoft is pulling an even dirtier move here, in that they are forcing other hardware companies that develop computers to lock out Linux if they plan on offering Windows. At least Apple makes their own computers, tablets, and phones! Of course the hardware companies will comply as they want to sell a whole bunch of their phones/tables/PCs to compete with Apple. Why not block Linux? What is Linux to them anyway? Why would they care?

The point is that Microsoft and Apple can’t compete in a fair way. They resort to monopolist behaviour like this rather than use marketing and trying to develop a superior software product to beat the open source movement. Much like other corporate babble, they claim it is for the safety of the user. Malware, viruses, blah, blah, blah…
They piss me off!

“Microsoft has been discovered to have changed its requirements for the upcoming ARM version of Windows 8. The change essentially will prohibit ARM devices, including PCs, from running operating systems other than Windows 8 after they ship to customers.Specifically, Microsoft recently amended its requirements for ARM Windows 8 System Builders. Unlike Windows 8 for Intel-compatible x86 & x64 machines, the ARM version of Windows 8 will not be sold to the public. To purchase an ARM version of Windows 8, you will have to purchase a device with it pre-loaded similar to Windows CE devices today, such as Windows Phone. The new requirement calls for utilizing UEFI Secure Boot, a technology that forces manufacturers to instruct devices to boot code certified by the manufacturer for the device.”

via Microsoft Illegally? Demanding ARM OEMs to Block Linux on Windows 8 Hardware |


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