Can you separate Christian religion from Jesus? This video has the answer…

I’ve been reading Christopher Hitchen’s book “God is not Great”, and while reading it, I’ve been tweeting some of my favourite quotes from the book. In response to one of my tweets, a person shared their video with me on why you can’t separate Christianity, the religion, from it’s founder Jesus. His main point is that if you follow Jesus as your spiritual leader, you have to accept the rest of the ‘teachings’ of the bible. The good with the bad.

I enjoyed it, and thought I would share it with you…


3 Replies to “Can you separate Christian religion from Jesus? This video has the answer…”

  1. It is impossible to comment on this video, and correct all of the untruths because every single statement is blatantly wrong, and an essay could be formulated to correct each and every statement.

    It is an excellent demonstration of what can happen if ones only source of reference material is mainstream media. The subject of the video clearly has no understanding of Christianity, and an entirely uneducated view of world history. I will gladly provide some references pertaining to the Crusades, Inquisition, etc that are written from a pure historical perspective, yet prove your statements categorically incorrect.

    The Catholic church founded all that is good in Western society, our legal system and the concept of human rights, the education system and university system. It was also the greatest if not sole supporter of science throughout the so-called dark ages, and the list goes on and on. Again, a lifetime of research and study of the history of the Western world would be required to truly understand these things, I can provide references as requested.

    I guess it is easy to choose a few sentences out of context, it is too much work to actually read and understand the history of Western Civilization, or any other books- the Bible included- for that matter.

    Everyone that has taken the time to read this much, please educate yourselves, if your only source of information is mainstream media the result is this kind of senseless rambling.

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