A blast from the past arose from the dead.

The other day my cousin emailed me to let me know someone was trying to get a hold of me. It happens very infrequently for me, as I don’t have very many skeletons in my closet, so to speak. My cousin’s first initial is the same as mine as well as his last name, so I guess this person did an online phone number search for me and came across my cousin.

The person said their name was Jamie(same as me) and to forward on the number if they had the wrong number.

The phone number was from Calgary. So back into my memory banks I went, thinking about anyone from my past named Jamie that lived in Calgary…I tried to think of those drunk nights from my 20’s when I may have wound up waking up next to someone, but I’m pretty sure I had all that in order, and never slept with a Jamie. I’m positive I would have remembered that!! lol. You ever sleep with a person who had the same name as you? You’d remember that, wouldn’t you?

I couldn’t think of anyone I knew named Jamie that would want to get in touch. I’ve been caught up on all my bills as well, so it couldn’t be a collection agent! haha. Curiosity killed the cat, and today I decided to make the phone call and see what Pandora’s Box I was about to open…

The person that answered the phone brought back someone from the dead for me!

Let me explain.

Around 3 years ago I wrote an article on this very site about Alcoholic’s Anonymous and that it may be a cult. I talked about my naive beginnings in Vancouver and the lessons I learned being exposed to a cocaine addict named Jim.

I must have part of the story wrong, because for the last 22 years I’ve thought Jim was dead. Apparently the Jamie wanting to get in touch with me was the one and only cocaine addicted, wired electrician guy Jim! And he is very much alive. I’m certain of it. I don’t talk to ghosts.

Jim’s alive!

I asked him why he was trying to get in touch with me? He started out thinking that he was looking for a woman named Jamie. Once we sorted out his foggy memories of his past, he remembered me. Mostly for my past love for the band Van Halen. Sad when people remember you for some band you were obsessed with, rather than saving the human race, or finding the cure for AIDS or something.

We chatted for a while, and Jim sounds like he has some vague memories of the people that were in his life during these difficult years. He told me that he had been sorting through around 60 boxes of stuff at his mom’s house and came across my name. He asked me about working for him. I told him that the final tally working for him, and him ‘borrowing’ money from me was that he owed me around $2000 back then.

He sounded a bit embarrassed about owing me the money and I told him it was water under the bridge. That the $2000 was good money spent on learning to say no, not to be too trusting with people you don’t know, and never to lend out money to addicts! Granted, I didn’t know he was one at the time he was borrowing the funds, but none the less I think I learned a lot from my short experience with him.

He told me that he would pay me back by taking me out for dinner the next time he’s on the island. Knowing what I know of him, and his ability to gravitate to people in his past, I politely declined, and told him that he owed me nothing and that I had to get back to my family.

Right after hanging up though, I came up with a brilliant idea!

You see, I actually know very little about Jim and his journey to 2012. It has been over 20 years. I’m curious about the life of Jim, especially since I thought for sure he was dead! I called him back, and said I knew how he could pay me back the money he owed me. I wanted to hear his story. The story that got him from the rehab centre in 1989/1990 to today. He said he would, I have cynical hopes he will come through.

I gave Jim my email address, and I can’t wait to read what he has to share!

Yes, I will post it on the site for you! I’ll keep it as anonymous as possible to protect his privacy, but knowing the stories he used to tell me, I can’t wait to see what he has to say and should make for an interesting blog post!


4 Replies to “A blast from the past arose from the dead.”

  1. long time no see well i am alive and did see your name written down on an old book and you guessed the rest except it was the public library information system jim

    1. Ha ha! Awesome Jim. I couldn’t remember the ‘other’ name you used to go by. Rooney.

      Well, it was sure a surprise to have you get in touch! The offer still stands. I’d like to hear what you’ve been up to. My extended family was very active in AA, NA, and CODA, and I’ve learned a lot about the various support groups since my first intro through you.

      Nice to see you comment on the site…Now you can see a bit of what I’ve been up to as well. 🙂

  2. i left a reply but i am now sure in 1990 i was going with margaret and probaly hanging around too much with hal and his buddys and asked darcy and he said i was in maple ridge treatment center in may/june of 1990

    1. That could be. I do recall going to some party in the sticks in the spring around the time you were in the centre. I do have to say that I don’t know any of the people you mentioned, but I’m sure if you are in contact with some of them, they were a positive influence.

      By the way, where did you leave a reply? I haven’t gotten any emails or comments on the site.

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