Kurt Cobain’s 45th Birthday today! Wow.

I just came across an articleon the CBC website of all places, that mentioned that

kurt cobainKurt Cobain would have been 45 today.

George Stroumboulopoulous (crazy long last name that I’ve probably spelled wrong…) put together a fantastic playlist of Cobain’s influences. Head over to the site and listen to the well put together Grooveshark playlist.

“The playlist includes some of the more well-known influences on Cobain’s style – Sonic Youth, Iggy Pop, Melvins, Butthole Surfers, Buzzcocks, Earth – as well as nods toward various artists that Kurt admitted to borrowing some ideas from (for instance, he said “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was an attempt at writing a Pixies song, and that the main guitar figure was “so close to a Boston riff”).”

via Strombo | Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain: 27 Songs That Influenced Nirvana’s Lead Singer | CBC Television.


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  1. This is too weird. I was trying to find the comment button on your GTD comparison and accidentally ended up here. DIdn’t know it was KC’s b-day but it’s just the oddest timing because out of absolutely nowhere I spent a good couple of hours watching KC footage, interviews, and learning more about him. Been on my mind lately, and it’s been a sad sort of thing.

    1. I’m glad you ended up enjoying an evening about Kurt Cobain rather than productivity stuff. lol.

      I block comments on old posts(I believe the default is everything over 2 months old) to keep down spam on the site. I’d be happy to open up comments for a post for you if you’d like. Which post?

    2. No matter re the old post. Was just curious if you had anymore thoughts as features have changed for all apps. Which GTD are you using now? Do you use Google Tasks at all?

    3. I’m still using Remember the Milk, though I’ve played a bit with Wunderlist/Wunderkit. As well as this voice activated TODO app called reQall. It’s about the same cost as RTM(pro account or free), and it’s got voice to text recognition. It also emails you the voice clip if you want it as back up to what you said. Kinda cool. I still like the quick add abilities of RTM, and am hoping for Location recognition from them soon, like Apple’s Reminders
      I do use the Remember the Milk for Gmail Firefox extension to replace Google Tasks. It shows up in the side bar and is collapsible to get it out of the way. Love it.

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