I understand why houses used to be so small!

We moved this last week into a small house that fit our ever contracting budget.

Tiny house
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We have been looking after a friend of the family’s house for the last couple of years. During that time we have merged our two separate lives into one, had a baby, and got married. With the house being so large(probably 3 times bigger than this one), it was never an issue to get a new bed, or dresser, or a couple of couches. We even had outdoor play equipment in our living room! Huge place.

So we spent the last month before moving getting rid of ‘stuff’. 3 couches, 2 queen size beds, a couple of tables, a long dresser. I made 3 trips to the dump to get rid of all the broken crappy plastic toys, and a few more loads to the local donation drop offs.

Even with all that downsizing, we still filled a 5 ton truck and I made multiple trips back and forth to the new house. I can’t believe we have so much stuff!

With 3 kids and another one on the way, we will always have extra toys, clothes and furniture. But now that we are starting to unpack and put stuff away, I am loving the small house!

To give you an idea of the size of the old house, we hired a cleaning lady and her daughter to clean up after we moved out. They worked for 14 hours, and only got the main floor and entrance way done! They did a fantastic job, but there is still hours of cleaning to be done!

At the new house we can wash the floor and clean up the whole kitchen and living room in no time! I now understand why houses used to be so small.

To keep it clean!