Remember the Milk gets a refresh on the iPhone! Sweet!

Remember the Milk (RTM) came out with a long overdue iPhone update today! And it is really nice. I recommend that if you haven’t signed up for RTM, you should right now! It is the best online and mobile To Do List and Task Manager out there…

I took a few minutes to do some screen shots of the refreshed interface. One of the nice new features is the ability to use a swiping gesture to go back to your main menu. All in all a very nice update. The only thing missing is the location alerts that Apple Reminders uses.

Here is a nice shot of your entire week of reminders. Nicely organized. You also have additional icons for showing your tags, locations, doing a search, and doing a manual refresh to the server. At the bottom left is the Add icon.

Once you select the list, your list looks like this. From here you can swipe the Today area, to go back. As well, just as before you can select the Edit icon to select a task or multiple tasks.

Once you hit Edit, you now have a few more options than before. With this release you can now edit the Due Date, Priority, edit which list it’s in, or edit the tags! Just like the Web interface now.

One of the best things about using RTM on your iPhone or iPad is the ability to add a task at lightening speeds. All the other Task Managers out there let you enter in your task, but take you to different screens to add tags (if they even offer that), or a due date. With RTM’s Add Task field you can see that you have instant access to add a due date, level of importance, tag, add location,whether the task repeats, and how long the task will take. This feature is quite simply the main reason I never move to other Task Managers.

Finally, for those that follow Getting Things Done (GTD), by David Allen, the new interface offers nice access to your various lists by simply tapping on the lists icon. This is a piece of my many lists. You can scroll up and down to get to your list, and tapping on it takes you right to it.

My ONLY wish, other than my location services feature I mentioned above that I wish, is for Remember the Milk to integrate this beautiful update to their Web interface! The website hasn’t changed in years, and it is way overdue for a makeover!