Weekly Photo Challenge – Dreaming

It never fails that once the summer is here, my mountain biking outings start to wane. I am fortunate to live in what most people would deem to be a mild climate. And as such, I am accustomed to riding year round. I love it! It never gets too cold in the winter or snows much. And in the summer it apparently is ‘bike riding weather’. Summers here are not cool, at least for me. Once the thermometer climbs above 25 Celsius, I park it…Quite the opposite of most people. I ride in the middle of winter. Rain? Bring it on. I especially love riding in cool weather.

Right now however, it is dry, warm, and I’ve been told by my doctor to take a couple of weeks off. I just had a small surgery and before that, I broke my bike frame. It was out of commission for a couple of weeks as well. I’ve only been on 3 or 4 rides in the last month. UGH!!!! And I have another week before I’m allowed to go ‘off jumps’. I think that means roots, rocks, and man made bridges?

Yesterday, I was moving a few things around in the garage, and my bike pouted right at me. Pouted.

Or, I could have just been dreaming of getting back on it. haha