Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far


This weekend, after many many weeks of heat and laziness on my part, I was able to get out for a desperately needed mountain bike ride!

One of the best parts of living in a place with lots of mountains and trees, is the ability to explore to my heart’s content. On this particular ride, I followed one of the local maps and made a horrible assumption… 

You see, many of the maps I find, are made for your average hiker or tourist. When a map says a trail is ‘difficult’, I usually re-label the trail as ‘medium/moderate’ in my head. That is especially true for when I am going down a trail.

But on Sunday, I ate humble pie. I started riding up this short 1km ‘difficult’ trail. Then, I started walking up. Then, I took breaks every 20 feet to rest my burning calves. Then, I sat down at a look out, and thought, “what the hell am I doing hiking my bike up this goat path?”. I wasn’t able to answer this question as sweat poured into my stinging eyes. haha

I am quite determined to continue along a trail once I’ve decided to explore it, so I didn’t give up. Even when the four 60-year-old hikers that I passed ages ago caught up to my sweaty ass.

I finally made it up to the top and came across this small heart-shaped lake called “Heart Lake”. I was too tired and sweaty to think of anything romantic…