Blogging Needs to be Easy. And Google+ makes it that way…

Over the years, I’ve had ebbs and flows of creativity and have ridden the waves of social media much like everyone else. In 2011 I signed up for the Post-a-Day Challenge and managed to do a blog post every day of the year. It was the most successful year for visitors I have had. But, alas, it was not sustainable…


After having my latest baby in 2012, my wife and I have had our hands full with the demands of raising 4 boys. As a result, I have been very neglectful of the site. I post occasional content, but the majority of my online efforts have been on Google+. Blogging needs to be fun, and easy. And as the majority of people online are finding their content on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, I spend more time trying to set up workflows to get people to come to my blog, than I do just sharing my thoughts and ramblings.


English: Google+ wordmark
English: Google+ wordmark (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So, for the time being, I will being using Google+ as my main blogging platform, and having my posts auto-forward (where technology allows) to my WordPress blog. Please add my to your circle on there to interact with me. (Click here to find me)


Because the ways we interact online are ever-changing, I am going to be keeping my site open, but I encourage you to comment on my posts through Google+.


If you aren’t on Google+, I am also on Twitter


You can locate all my posts via the Archive drop down on the right hand side of this page.


Thanks again for visiting and I look forward to continuing to share my rambling with you.