It’s my WordPress Anniversary! Who knew?

Today marks a major tech milestone for me, or so my WordPress notifications have told me. It’s my 5th anniversary with! 5 long years!


Happy 5-year Anniversary
Happy 5-year Anniversary (Photo credit: kylesteed)


That’s longer than I’ve even been on Facebook!




Much like other online services (or even relationships!) we have all tried, time goes by and the appeal wears off.




I’m at a crux regarding my blog. I used to love posting interesting stuff all the time!




Seeing it’s my anniversary, maybe I’ll make more of an effort and try to post more thought provoking posts? No promises here, but I do have one post in the pipe about my experience using Todoist. You should check it out if you are searching for a ‘modern’ to-do list site…




Ta-ta for now!










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