Google image ban for a middle finger?

Only months after blogging about how Google is banning images using a particular gesture (the middle finger), it turns out that the image of my wife on our wedding day is also too hot for Google to handle. I’ve repeatedly uploaded new versions of the same image as a kind of silent protest…

Here are a couple of shots of what I have come across. The first being that the image gets flagged by Google as it does not meet Google’s policies for safe sharing. Guns and violent imagery, lingerie photos, etc are fine on Google by the way.

I requested a review as I thought that perhaps another Google+ user had flagged my image, and that Google would see the humour in the photo. They reviewed the image. Here’s what I got back…


You can see that not only did they reject my review, they have permanently disabled the photo from being shared with anyone.

This is ridiculous. There is a serious problem with our current state of social media. Facebook banning breastfeeding pictures, Google banning gestures, Twitter banning GIFs.

They are our moral police. George Orwell was a modern day prophet. 1984 is here.

I stumbled upon an article today about how some bloggers are getting their profiles pulled from Google+ over showing their middle fingers! Really?

I hate censorship. I really do. I truly believe that education is the answer to cure racism,  bigotry, gay bashing, etc…You breed more problems by banning images and conversation. Having said that, what the hell is wrong with flipping the bird? Nothing.

Techcrunch is making the case that people should first change their profile pics to a middle finger gesture. It was easy for me to do, as you may well be aware, I am proud to show off my beautiful bride in my header image. So I changed my Google+ profile too!

What do you think about social media companies banning and censoring content on their own services? There has been huge revolts on Facebook for banning breastfeeding pics. Who makes them…

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  1. What actually happened? Did they send you a message? Or did they take the picture down?

    1. I added a couple of images to the bottom of my post. I was a bit hasty in re-posting my old article before attaching the new content. Ugh. haha.

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