Digg Reader is out in the wild!


A few months back Google put the Vulcan Death Grip to their ultra efficient RSS reader known as Google Reader. It was a very sad day for people like me that use an RSS reader to get my chosen world news, up to date podcasts, and any updates on blogs that I follow.

Luckily, there has been an enormous outcry to try and save Google Reader! No, it didn’t help Google change its mind (they promise to add something to Google+ in the future), but one thing that it did was enable all the small competitors to attempt to attract the forlorn GReader users…

They have all been scrambling to come up with the amount of features and streamlined focus that Google had. If you have followed any of this yourself, you’ll already know that sites like Feedly, Press, theoldreader.com, and many many more have been working on creating a permanent RSS alternative. A surprise entrant into the fold was the old site Digg.com.

Digg has been working frantically under an incredibly short time line to try and partially mimic, and partially integrate the Google Reader experience!

So, I was excited that today I finally got my invite to Digg.com/reader! Above is my initial screenshot once all my subscriptions were imported.

I was introduced to a start up screen after clicking my invite code, to an import screen to import my Google Reader subscriptions. I could tell that there are still many little tweaks to come, as my import seemed to hang-up for over an hour. I finally got fed up with patiently waiting to start messing around in there, so I did a page refresh, and I was up and running.

The interface is nice and clean! I really like the look so far. You currently have two choices to read through your feeds. You have List Mode (as above), or Expanded Mode. I always stick to list mode so that’ll do just fine for me thanks…

There are a few things I find lacking…Firstly, I like to sort my content by Oldest First. Currently the only choice is Newest First! I hate that! That means that I may just never get to old blog posts unless I hunt around in my individual RSS feeds. I’m pretty sure they will add this soon, as so many users have asked for it, that it shows up in the FAQs only one day in.

One thing I really hope they fix is that if you find some content you want to share with others on your chosen Social Network, you can only select between Twitter and Facebook. What about the ultra slick Google+????It was one of my favourite ways of sharing content on my Google+ profile. I really hope this gets added soon! Hell, I can share content on my own tiny blog through a link on my site straight to Google+. You’d think Digg would realize they are catering to a huge new Google Reader crowd and would have had that feature added right away!

Overall, I’m happy to see Digg enter the RSS Reader game! I can only see it improving from here. 🙂



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  1. I’ve been using the WordPress reader and was thinking of switching to Google Reader -_-
    I’ll check out Digg Reader when it’s publicly available. Thanks for sharing!

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