Remember AOL? Today I found out their RSS Reader is great!!!

Many, many years ago (in internet time), I got my first computer with a modem! It seemed like the biggest deal on earth! There was this thing called the Internet that people were using to communicate without a phone! It seemed too good to be true. On top of that, you could find anything you wanted by searching on a website…I had a friend that had a spare computer he gave me, and he gave me a CD from AOL (America Online for those not keeping up…). Once I figured out how to install the software, and I got a local phone number to dial up to, I came across a flaw…There wasn’t enough time in the day to wait for anything to load in my browser! It looked something like this for lengthy periods of time…


My conclusion…The internet sucked! Who would use this colossal waste of time? Then, my local cable provider came knocking with high speed internet, and for the last 18 years I’ve completely forgotten about AOL!

That is until today!

About a month ago I posted my feelings about Google Reader closing it’s doors forever. I mentioned that Digg was coming out with their own replacement, and expressed my excitement at the future of the RSS platform. Digg still needs some work, and I’ve found myself not using their reader as much as I used Google’s. Just for giggles, I tried to log back into Google Reader, and came across a page pointing you towards RSS alternatives. I happened to notice “AOL Reader” in the list and decided to check it out. Boy, was I ever pleasantly surprised! I imported my RSS feeds and was greeted with this…


A beautiful looking RSS reader full of the features that I am looking for! Multiple viewing formats, sorting by oldest and newest, sharing to Google+, Marking All Read options. I love it! As long as AOL stays in business, I am very happy to find a new home for all my content I follow out in the ether…

Check it out for yourself!