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As it is the time of the year for people to make a fresh start, and take on some ambitious resolutions, I quite enjoyed reading a recent post I received from delancyplace.com.

English: New Year's Day postcard. Reads: "...

English: New Year’s Day postcard. Reads: “A New Year’s Resolution / Jan. 1st / To Gossip, Slang and Cuss words / I’ll bid a last “Adieu” / And place a bridle on my tongue / And thoughtless actions, too!” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As much as it seems easy to start up any new project, you would be surprised how repetition is needed for a habit to form! Apparently, it can take more than 2 months and up to a year of repeating a task for it to stick as a habit! No wonder it is so hard to quit smoking, take up running, eat healthier…
Here is an exerpt from yesterday’s post that goes into more detail…

In today’s encore selection — from Making Habits, Breaking Habits: Why We Do Things, Why We Don’t, and How to Make Any Change Stick by Jeremy Dean. Make that New Year’s resolution stick!  How long does it take to form a new habit? You will often hear that it takes 21 days, but the real answer is j than that:

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