Best Tweet so far in 2014!

ben-and-jerrysI must be dreaming…Never in my life have I ever thought I would be living on the West Coast of Canada, sitting and reading about legal pot sales in the USA. At least, that is, before I voted on allowing liberal access to this ‘harmless’ drug in my province and country! I have watched countless TV shows & movies about the USA’s “War on Drugs” and have always felt that they were far more conservative than us leafy green Canadians…

Truth be told, I don’t go down to the US more than once every 10 years or so, but after September 11th, I have been a bit fearful of the direction that country’s government has gone. I went to Hawaii a few years after 2001, and didn’t even bring my favourite Che Guevara t-shirt for fear of being branded an enemy combatant! lol.

So, when all of a sudden, US states started voting on legalizing marijuana, and they passed, I was shocked!!

Today it makes me smile to see a major US corporation tweeting in jest about it!

What are your thoughts about marijuana laws? Is pot a gateway drug? Is it an innocent plant? Medical miracle cure?