Birthday Surprise! Beer of the Day – McEwan’s Scotch Ale

McEwansMy wife and I went out for a date tonight to celebrate my birthday! We went to a nice restaurant called the Mahle House, thanks to my mother-in-law getting us a gift certificate for Christmas!

The best part of the dinner was that I decided to treat myself by getting a beer, which I typically never do when we go out. To my surprise, on the menu, was my very favourite beer, McEwan’s!

Back in the early 90’s my good friend Dave and I went camping on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in a place called Tofino. It’s beautiful! Trust me when I say if you ever want to visit Canada, Tofino & Long Beach are a must stop on your trip.

Anyhow, when we were setting up our trip, we didn’t have a cooler, and needed to find beer that we could drink warm on the beach. The guy at the beer store suggested McEwan’s. Ever since I’ve had such fond memories of my times camping there, and have considered it one of my favourites.

That is until a couple of years ago, when I was told that this Scottish classic wasn’t being imported into Canada anymore.

That is until I saw it on the menu today, on my birthday!

What a great birthday present for me. 🙂