The Silent Threat with the 2015 Canadian Federal Election

nomoreharperIf my Facebook News Feed was the barometer of the federal election outcome this fall, I would be able to lay my fears to rest…The NDP are “soaring” in the polls, everyone hates Stephen Harper, and it is time for a change…Except for one thing I can’t seem to shake…

Everybody that posts online is younger…Younger than who, you ask? Younger than the aging baby boomers and senior citizens. And, the Boomers are the group with the largest clout on election day. And seniors come out in droves (and buses for that matter) to exercise their right to vote for their chosen candidate.

I am not sure this is absolutely true, but I have heard before that as we get older, we take less risks, and become more conservative. If this proves to be accurate, we are going to be in for a rude awakening on election day!

This happened not too long ago, when in 2013, Christy Clark of the right-wing BC Liberals was trailing in the polls behind the BC NDP in British Columbia. She ended up winning a majority! And this was after a decade with the horrible Gordon Campbell regime, and her own MLAs abandoning her before the election. Despite the turmoil, they won. It freaked me out.

So, even though everyone hates Stephen Harper, and my News Feed is entirely orange with NDP banners and Stephen Harper corruption claims, we still need people to actually vote!

Elections can’t be won in a blog post, a tweet, or a Facebook update. It requires that you tick a damn box on election day…

GET OUT AND VOTE, and let’s get rid of this donkey.


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