And the clouds opened…

And the clouds opened…

Man did it ever piss out today! If you have nothing to do, click the link, “let’s go trippin’”… Obviously they have been putting something in the water down in the US of A, as they are getting dumber! There is hope though, as you can now get a free education from UC Berkeley! Some of the courses look good. And for all you over-achievers, relax and learn how to sleep at work!


Where have all the good times gone?

From Friday March 9th,2007

A day after telling my work that I WILL BE taking a couple of days off of work to go see Van Halen when they come to town, I hear that Eddie has checked himself into rehab! Man, am I pissed…I guess he was too. A good lead-in into the truth about a certain green leafy plant... And remember to not trust Science! And here is more proof that scientists want to rain on your parade. Man that sucks… Maybe tomorrow will be a better day!

It’s Tuesday…

From Tuesday March 6th,2007

I almost sold my laptop the other day. Apparently it is expensive to live in the UK, and one fellow was willing to pay 400 pounds for it. Talking about $$$$ , Digg had the top 10 corporate moments in rock. Here is a great revamped version of Super Mario Bros. For those that are new to the interweb, here are some Google search tips to help find that pr0n. I know what I was doing at 21, but I wish I was this guy! OK, maybe not, but still a brainiac. Oh, you think you are sooooo smart(Dead link)? Try this one on, Einstein…

Science vs. Religion

From Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Here is a funny picture I saw on Digg today. It didn’t take long for the Britney doll to make its appearance. The Vista smack continues, for which I have little sympathy… I can’t believe that I didn’t mention a beautiful thing that happened on Sunday! My brother-in-law should be warned NOT to click the link! Warning to the vegetarians in the audience, actually not even the meat eaters can stomach this one.

Reposting the old iweb blogs

From Monday, February 26, 2007

I have been reading a lot a cool & interesting articles with my favorite news reader, Vienna lately. I am going to try and start adding some news items that I find cool, shocking, and / or interesting.

To start, I am going to set up the blog to do RSS feeds. For the people that just said “what?”, it means that everytime I update the blog, and you are registered for the feed, you will get all the new content, without having to go to the site. You need to have a browser or news reader that supports RSS. Firefox on the Windows side is one of them. And truth be told, you should be using it instead of Internet Explorer. And while I’m at it, go get a Mac! You will never look back…

As some may know, I am an atheist, and sometimes one needs to freshen up on rebuttals. Since we are on the topic, a new documentary by James Cameron is sure raising some eyebrows! Speaking of hype, don’t be a sucker and think for one second that Windows Vista is secure like OSX.

Bye for now!

I have actually installed WordPress!!!!

My god, OK, not really, but I now know that I can follow instructions! I have been using iweb to post my site but I was looking for a way to have people leave comments. The install on the WordPress site looked pretty hard, but I gave it a go and now I just need to see how the site functions… I will see how it goes! Later!