Random Pics on a Random Night.

So, I am sitting around listening to Rob Zombie, and repeatedly hitting the Stumbleupon button. What a loser…A least you benefit from all the cool pics I have come across…Enjoy.








The Big Three Taking our Money

The US car companies have been putting out crappy cars for years, and are now asking for the governments to help them out! This is in Canada and the USA. So, when I saw this tongue in cheek ad, I just had to post it! It is so true…


Image from http://buffalobeast.com/


This is a graphic of the Standard and Poor’s stock index’s annual returns, placing every year since 1825 in a column of returns from -50% to +60%. As you can see, it is a rough bell curve, with 45 of those 185 years falling in the +0-10% column. There are only 5 years each in the 40-50% and 50-60% return columns, and, through 2007, there were only one year each in the -31-40% and -41-50% columns. You can see where 2008 to date falls. – reposted from boingboing.net

Lame ‘studies’ said smoking used to be good for you?

Science(or more accurately pseudo-science) can be used or manipulated to push the craziest things! Here is an entertaining page with advertisements touting the healthy smoker’s lifestyle. Almost everyone of the ads seems to be recommended by your trusting dentist or doctor.

[From Back when smoking was healthy.]

Cectic.com shows just how pseudo-science happens…


On to real science…

I have written in the past about the metric system(check it out here!). Here is a well written article on why the whole world(including the USA) needs to be on the same page.

[From ยป The Magic of Metric Rocket Scientist]

Lastly, is a story on a new discovery that may one day turn sunlight + water into energy! Kind of cool.

[From Scientists Use A New Catalyst To Generate Hydrogen From Sunlight And Water | Device Daily

The Simpsons and ‘M’Apple.

I have been an Apple user for about 4 years now, and have been an advocate for switching very shortly there after. I am even part of a local Mac User Group. Very nerdy…Though the OS is quite a bit better than Windows, their machines look great, they aren’t hit with viruses and Malware etc…, there are a few things that bug me about Apple. Their insistence on using DRM(digital rights management), the need to run iTunes to make iPods functional, and not allowing users to be able to transfer music from their iPods to other machines they own. Apple has crappy support for Linux as well. There is a whole culture around Apple, known as the Cult of Mac.

The Simpsons tackle a whole bunch of Apple-isms in one of their latest episodes. So, I will add my bit of trolling, and post a couple of parts for you. More than likely they will get taken down by Youtube, so watch them while you can!

Got to love the Simpsons. They never get old!

Our first contest!! Read through for your chance to win!![edit]

I have had a couple of crappy days at work, and have been waiting for the week to end. So the healthy thing to do for me is start Stumbling to pass the time. I find the funniest things.

Much of what is on the Internet is crap, or even worse, pictures of crap…A year or two ago, I came across(or dare I say, stumbled across) the Firefox and IE plug-in Stumbleupon. I have written about it before, but most new visitors may miss some of my old tech writing. A good plug for using my search field on the site, and looking in the archives section.

Here are a couple of the newspaper clippings I found on one site.






All images are from twodorks.com

Wouldn’t have found this without Stumbleupon! Check it out.

“And remember you heard it first here on Roller Derby”

BTW, for the first person to tell me where the above quote originated from, I will mail you an early X-mas present. You must be in North America to win, as this site is non-profit, and I seriously don’t want to amass a big shipping bill. Sorry to all my international readers…

The prize is a good one. It is the Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

Send your entries to larrinski

Quiet Saturday Night. My thoughts.

I am having a quiet Saturday night, and there is nothing more pathetic than sitting around doing nothing at all, and trying to find some excitement on the Internet. So, having a couple of beers etc…I have come across the newest cectic.com comic! Wow. Some excitement! Here it is for you!


Does it say something about me, that I don’t even turn on the boob tube? I really can’t stand TV. Every 4 or 5 minutes someone is trying to sell me something. Other than the occasional soccer match on Saturday and Sunday morning, I don’t watch it. I don’t even know how much I pay a month for the privilege?? If my family didn’t watch so much, I would cancel it. Damn…

I know what a friend of mine is doing tonight! Good luck to my buddy ThePowerPlay, who just set up a blog about his gambling habit, or should I say, passion for poker! If you have an interest in online poker, he seems to know what he is talking about. 50% of his discussion is beyond me! Kind of like the looks I get when I talked about evolution…Huh?

Check it out!!!

Lastly, here are a couple of completely unrelated pics I found. The first is fucking hilarious! Haven’t we all been there at some point? The second is just a wicked pic. Would scare the shit out of me.



Have a good weekend!


I know of many of my colleagues and friends that try to go on a low fat diet in order to lose weight. No one ever seems to question the ingredients in a lot of these products.

I try to avoid products that claim to be the be all and end all of health. So I came across this story on Reddit and thought you may get a chuckle or two. Don’t click the link if you are offended by “shit” stories… Continue reading “best of craigslist : DO NOT EAT PRINGLES FAT FREE POTATO CHIPS.”