New ToDo.txt Touch iOS App Screenshots and first impressions

Today I was sorting through some past articles to share on Twitter and came across my review of the recently developed ToDo.txt. back in Feb 2011. I wanted to see if the project was still running and whether my links were working, and lo and behold there is a fresh update! It looks like only a couple of days ago they released the iOS version!

I am such a sucker for new apps like this, so I went and grabbed my iPhone and went over to the App Store. There it was, $1.99! Continue reading “New ToDo.txt Touch iOS App Screenshots and first impressions”


Why the Mac App Store Sucks[Lifehacker]

App Store
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Last October I wrote an article about why I was abandoning OSX on my Mac(Recommended Mac Applications and their slow death), and looking for a Linux OS as a replacement. The whole thing started with Steve Jobs announcing that the next version of OSX code named Lion, would have the exciting new Mac App Store. It was going to be much like the iOS App Store on the iPhone. I hated the idea…Hence, now I am writing this blog from my PinguyOS Linux install…Bye Bye Steve…

The new app store launched yesterday and there are many people upset about it. If you like to run beta software, do a 30 day trial of some software, looking to get a discount to upgrade an exciting app…well, you are shit out of luck…Apple wants their 30% of the developer’s sales, so you the consumer will pay…And the apps on the Mac aren’t the cute little $0.99 apps…

Today I read a great article and summary on why the new app store sucks over at Lifehacker. Check it out. It is well worth the read if you are a Mac user…

Why the Mac App Store Sucks.