Photo of the Day – Image in the wood.

This morning I got up really early! Thanks to my baby. 🙂
Just as I was about to take my first sip of coffee, I noticed something on the floor. A perfect water spill.
I have taken great pleasure watching news broadcasts and videos online of when people come across images of Jesus. You’ve seen them. Jesus in toast. Jesus in the bark of a tree. Jesus on the side of a garage. Jesus on the butt of a dog. The Virgin Mary weeping blood. They are miracles, right? lol.
What impresses me even more is all the holy rollers that do the pilgrimage to the place the image showed up and pray for a miracle. People are so desperate to believe, that they take some blurry image of a bearded dude as god speaking to them. I actually think it’s kind of crazy. And sad.

That was until today.

I have Jesus’ hand on my dining room floor, giving me a signal that I’m Number 1! Look for yourself. You know I’m right. I’d invite you to come over and see it with your own eyes, but my 1 year old flopped around in the water and soaked it up with his pajamas.