Microsoft playing dirty (like Apple) by blocking Linux on their Hardware

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I have mentioned a few times on here that I am a Linux user. I love it! It’s the operating system by the people, for the people…lol. I have grown to love the developers and users of the open source community, and whenever I read about Microsoft or Apple doing their dirty work to make sure others don’t benefit from the Linux experience, it makes me angry. Continue reading “Microsoft playing dirty (like Apple) by blocking Linux on their Hardware”


Evil Apple trying to ruin competition with ridiculous patents

Apple is trying to destroy Android. It is wrong. There are too many patent battles going on right now and if it is left to the courts Apple will be a monopoly. Even more so than they already are in the mobile marketplace.

If Apple really wishes to be the king of the hill, then why not spend some of their huge stockpile of money on R&D instead of lawyers?

Here is a detailed breakdown of the lawsuits currently going on between HTC and Apple, and why Apple is trying to kill their competitors in the wrong way…

Yesterday’s news that courts had ruled against HTC in favor of Apple was a tidy little victory for Apple. But HTC is just an initial skirmish in a much larger fight. The real war is against Android, and if Apple wins that, we’ll all lose.

The iPhone was like nothing that came before. And Apple should be able to protect its innovations and intellectual property. But the Cupertino Crew doesn’t just want to do that; it wants to kill Android. It wants Google’s mobile OS to go away. No settlements. No licenses. Dead. Jobs said as much, very explicitly.

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A great day for RTM & Siri and Google Apps on Google+

After the newest iPhone4S came out and the new iOS5, it has seemed to be a series of

Siri HAL-9000

boring announcements one after another. Today I read a couple of articles that got me more excited.

The first being Remember the Milk adding Siri support for adding tasks! There are two reasons why this excites me. The first is that Siri is a great new voice activated technology Apple released. As I don’t have the iPhone 4S, it doesn’t really apply to me, but that’s not the point. Continue reading “A great day for RTM & Siri and Google Apps on Google+”

Just upgraded my iPhone in iOS5. It works as advertised!

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I am a sucker for new ‘free’ software updates. My iPhone is no exception. I normally update my software, whether it’s on my Linux laptop or my phone on a fairly regular basis.

I jailbroke my iPhone a while ago but it was feeling a bit sluggish, and I wasn’t really using much of the features or applications to justify holding off on this update.

The only hiccup I had was that because of the jailbreak, iTunes couldn’t just do an upgrade from iOS4 to iOS5. It had to reset my phone back to factory settings first. And as such my music on the phone was wiped off.

I’m going to spend the rest of the evening getting my music back on the phone for my ride tomorrow night.

Good night!


Steve Jobs died today. I feel sad about it.

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Steve Jobs died today after what most assume was a long bout with cancer.

I’m sad about it because though I didn’t like the direction Apple was going with their controls over their user experience, Steve Jobs changed the face of personal computing. Not only once, but multiple times. From the first consumer computer to the iPod, iPhone and finally the iPad, he was a visionary. And, no one could sell a product like him. His keynote presentations were so good, that I can say they are the only corporate presentations I have ever wanted to watch!

He really got my attention around the time the iPod was starting to make a splash. I was getting sick of Windows XP, and digital music was making it in the mainstream. Apple had launched the iMac G5, and I took the plunge and switched from Windows. It was a perfect time to do it too, because OSX was vastly superior to XP.

Thank you Steve Jobs for making computing fun again! Sad to see him go.

Photo of the day – Apple Orchards

I was walking around the property yesterday after the alpaca ordeal, and noticed that we have a boat load of apples and pears this year! Woot! I can’t wait til they are ripe to pick them. That is if I get to them before the deer do…

We were driving by a house just down the road yesterday and noticed that all of their apples were on the ground rotting. It just seems wrong. I don’t know why it makes me angry, but it is just such a waste of food.

The same people that are too lazy to pick their apples, are the same ones that go to the store and buy them. Why do people do that? Perfectly good organic apples 20 feet from your front door going to waste, and trucks delivering apples from around the world to your grocery store. Seems backwards.

If I had a wish, it would be to magically transplant all the un-used fruit trees somewhere else in the world where the food would be appreciated.

Is Apple going to die now that Steve Jobs has resigned?

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Today Steve Jobs submitted his resignation to the Apple Board of Directors and has officially stepped down as CEO of Apple. In the tech world, this is a huge story. Just like the day that Bill Gates left Microsoft.

How will Apple fair now that their founder is moving into the background? Continue reading “Is Apple going to die now that Steve Jobs has resigned?”