Atheist Advertising for a Change!

I am so sick of the yearly Christian advertising. You know the ones. “Jesus is the reason for the season”,”Don’t take Christ out of Christmas”,etc…So I am delighted that some atheist groups have put up some funds for some Godless ads! The bus picture is from the article below.

[From BBC NEWS | England | London | ‘No God’ slogans for city’s buses]

Doing some image searches, I came up with some more good ones. I love the ex-wizardno_god one! How exactly does one become an ex-transsexual? Once a wizard, always a wizard I say.






US invades, bombs, occupies, and interferes more than any other country by far

Over the last couple of weeks, the Western media has focused on how BAD Russia is. But the truth is that the USA is far and away the most aggressive military in the world. No one even comes close…

Just during the time Rice has served in the Bush administration, we bombed, invaded and occupied Afghanistan; did the same to Iraq; repeatedly bombed Somalia, killing all sorts of civilians; fed bombs to Israel as they invaded and bombed Lebanon; top political officials (led by John McCain and Joe Lieberman) have repeatedly threatened, and advocated, that the same be done to a whole host of other countries, including Iran and Syria. That’s to say nothing of the virtually countless interventions and bombings in the pre-Bush, “peacetime” years — from the Balkans and Panama to Somalia, Iraq, Libya, Sudan, and on and on and on.

[From Rice: Military power is “not the way to deal in the 21st century” – Glenn Greenwald –

Just the other day YH Sum posted an article on Rick Warren stating that he would never vote for an atheist president. Here is the way the remaining questions should have been handled…



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Atheist Nexus

Many people that have a passion about a topic go search out forums on-line. For instance, I am a Mac user, and use the MacNN Forums quite often. Now there is a forum for atheists! If you are interested in networking, contributing to the free thinking community, then check it out!

[From Atheist Nexus]

The other day I posted a funny picture on the subject of wacky religious signs. I just found another one for you!


Have a good day!

The USA loves to lock people up

I find it shocking and amazing that the USA has only about 5% of the earth’s population, but almost 25% of the earth’s prisoners. Can you believe that? What are all these people doing wrong?

[From Inmate Count in U.S. Dwarfs Other Nations’ – New York Times]

You would think that after a recent gallop poll on the opinion of US citizens that the majority of prisoners would be atheists and scientologists. They hate them!!!

Americans Have Net-Positive View of U.S. Catholics and hate atheists

Religion makes perfect sense, as the following comic from Rudis Muiznieks over at indicates…


Famous Dead Nontheists

If you have some time to kill, here is a site that lists famous ‘nontheists’, aka atheists, and quotes attributed to them. You may be in famous company. I like to think we stand on the shoulders of giants!

Famous Dead Nontheists:

I will leave today’s post a small one so you can finish off the large list of sensible, logical people, who don’t believe in the invisible man in the sky…Could they all be wrong? The answer: NO