Photo of the Day – Autumn Maple

This morning I was running around in the house trying to get the family ready for the day! I also had to get to work a bit early and the pressure cooker was building! I was getting my oldest son to the car when the colours of the morning caught my eye.

I absolutely love the fall! It is the time of the year I really enjoy my environment. The trees are turning, the temperature drops, and the apples are ripe for picking.

I’m really glad I got this shot, as this time next year I won’t be at the house we currently live in. A good memory of the beautiful place I got to live in with my wife and kids…


First ride of the fall, and man, I got soaked!

Today I went out for my first mountain bike ride of the fall!

It was pouring out, and I got soaked! The ride started out dry enough. It was cloudy with sunny breaks. Once we got into the trees, though the skies opened up. I don’t know why I love it so much, but once the rain starts on a ride, I get a smile on my face…It must be a remnant of my childhood I can’t quite put my finger on.

Summer is a time most people get outside and get active. I’m kind of the opposite. I hate exerting myself in the heat. I have no energy in my legs, and my bike stuff just reeks. The trails are dusty, traction is poor, and I end up getting cramps from dehydration.

But fall is the fix for all these problems! The first rains of the season firm up the trails, traction is epic, and the temperature in my area is usually in the mid teens. Perfect!

Another great thing about riding in the fall is that the ground hasn’t been soaked for months. There aren’t huge puddles, tons of mud, and the bad wind storms haven’t blown down trees and debris yet. I find that once January or February comes around, the rocks and roots are slippery with pre-mossy slime and wipeouts are more frequent.

There are only a couple of times a year where the sun and moon line up for mountain biking. The fall and late spring!

Today was fantastic out there!