Should there be Mandatory Computer Training?

Windows XP
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Ahh, computers. They are the way of the world these days.

I came across an alarming thing the other day that got me thinking that people should get some government funded computer training to teach them the basics. What was this alarming thing?

My mom couldn’t get to our wedding website. No big deal, right? I told her that the address was fine on the invitation, but that I would check it out on her computer on Mother’s Day. I went over, and asked her to show me what she had done. She opened up IE6(OMG!!), and her home page was set to Google. Continue reading “Should there be Mandatory Computer Training?”


Generation Gaps, Generalizations, and Surprises

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This week I had the privilege to finish off a volunteering stint at a local high school. I helped present a course about what really happens to young people when they move out from the ‘nest egg’. The course is an introduction to learning how to budget, finding out the difference between wants and needs, how to live within your means with the net income you get from your paychecks. One of my favourite parts of the course is a discussion about what the students want to do for a living. Continue reading “Generation Gaps, Generalizations, and Surprises”