A small milestone to share with you. 100,000 visitors! Woot.

Today I hit a milestone for the site. I finally had 100,000 visitors! Honestly it seemed like I was never going to get there…

This is an image of a demonetised banknote of ...
This is an image of a demonetised banknote of Zimbabwe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You see, I’ve been slacking since my wife and I were expecting our 2nd child together. With a total of 4 boys under 10, our life gets a bit chaotic, and I don’t get to sit down and come up with something meaningful to write about like I used to.

I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t stick to the PostaDay challenge I completed last year. But realistically once the kids are in bed, it’s hard to even find the time to talk or hang out with my wife! We need to feel like a couple again.

So, in the meantime, I’ve set up a nice workflow for my beer of the day posts. I get lots of ‘Likes’ from bloggers, so I’ll make sure to keep it up. Well, at least as much as my growing beer belly can handle. haha.

So, thanks everyone for continually coming back here. I promise that once I get my shit together, I’ll be doing a post on why Google+ is a perfect solution for blended families…


My Christmas ride one day late results in a present!

Today I got to go on my annual Christmas ride! It is one of my favourite rides of the year. Being on the west coast of Canada, I and all the other mountain bikers, can ride pretty much year round! So to ride on Christmas almost every year for the last 15 to 20 years has become one of my favourite traditions.

This year on Christmas day I had quite a busy morning, and forgot to dry my riding gear. By the time it was done in the dryer, I didn’t have much time to complete a worthy ride, so I opted instead for a nap.

I did this knowing that I still had Boxing Day on the 26th to complete my ride. And, man was I ever happy I did. You see, if I had gone yesterday, I would have done the ride alone and I would have rushed the ride and stuck to the trails I know.

But instead, today I was able to bring my riding partner Jeremy. For anyone keeping score, he is also my very talented brewmaster that did all the beer for our wedding!

He had gone out for a ride recently and had discovered the beginnings of some NEW trails in the area we frequent. Today we went of explored them more! Finding new trails is much like a Christmas present for mountain bikers! Especially ones that were built by mountain bikers! They add all the little touches that are needed to make the trail unique and one of a kind.

After a good hour and a half ride on brand new trails, we went back to Jeremy’s place and had a toast to another great year of riding, and did it with a glass of his yummy beer!

A great annual ride, and this year’s was one of the best!

Photo of the day – Beer.

Today’s topic. Beer.

I was dropping off a couple of my kids to their annual Beavers and Cubs Christmas party, and thought, why not have my own Christmas celebration?

Off to enjoy it. 🙂

Photo of the day July 24,2011 – Sights of summer

Today’s picture epitomises summer for me… My youngest son trying watermelon for the first time, he was lathered in sun screen, had on his sun suit and his big sun hat ready to play!

As the day moved along another staple of hot summer days came my way. Beer! Here is a picture of the tasty treat our friends John and Tanis brought me today!

Very yummy…Even Em liked it. And that’s saying something!

My favourite photo of the day was one I took after two of our kids made a sign to keep cars out of the big play area we made for the kids to run around in. Cute!

It doesn’t get more summer than having kids outside all day running through sprinklers, eating watermelon, and crashing in bed after 10 hours of fun…


If you like beer, you need…

Tonight I am sitting down visiting with my very good friend Dave, who has come over from England to come to my wedding. It is very special to catch up after not being around each other for a long time. Inevitably, the topic goes back to the great times we shared when we were roommates in Vancouver. Oh, the good old days. lol.

The other thing that comes up is…Beer. We both love tasty, flavourful beers.

My wedding is in a couple of days, and I have lined up a great local craft brewery to provide the beer. My friend, and brewmaster Jeremy, models a lot of his recipes off of Phillips Brewery.

If you love tasty beer, go check out Phillips Brewery! We just picked up the Hop Box 12 pack, and it is delicious…

More wedding planning and socializing to do…

Wedding Beer, Tuxedos, and popsicles

Popsicle logo
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Today was a busy day for me. As I was running around so much, I don’t have a topic for today. and as such I thought I would  do a diary post for you.

Beer. Good beer in my future. It has been long in the making. My friend Jeremy is a fantastic craft beer brewmaster. Though he is modest, he really has a gift. From god of course…Finally, after a month of waiting, and even longer in planning, we were able to go over and sample the beer. Continue reading “Wedding Beer, Tuxedos, and popsicles”

The 5 Things I liked Best Today

So, I have been trying to get my oldest son to think more positively and come up with 5 things he liked best about his day. On shitty days, I really need to do it too. So, without further ado:

  1. I play around with various Linux Distros on a weekly basis. Ubuntu, Linux Mint(my fav right now), PCLinuxOS, Fedora Core, just to name a few. I love custom looking OS’s. Here are 15 really nice ones…
  2. I love seeing crazy Christians trying to channel God and convince others of the existence of God. I just loved this video of a valadictorian leading a prayer for a Grad class…haha. You fool.
  3. Sometimes it takes reading stories like this to make me realize that I am not numb, and I care about people. I think it is fucked up that this lady is going to jail for life for making a 13 year old boy touch her boob. Wrong yes, but give me a break. Hell, when I was 13, I would have given my left nut to touch a boob…
  4. I love seeing postings of really bad tattoos! Just love it.
  5. I am sitting right now drinking a home made brew courtesy of my friend Jeremy. I love his beer! Keep it going bud! Here is a pic of one of his creations…