A week of my cool stuff breaking


Pictured above is my very well worn belt buckle. Pictured below is the back of the buckle, showing it was made in 1976. Considering its’ long life, I shouldn’t be sad. But I am. It’s broken. The wire that connects the buckle to the belt won’t stay on it reliably anymore…In other words, I could just be walking down the street, and find my shorts down around my ankles in a heartbeat (and not in a good sort of way…).

It is funny to have two of my old things break in under a week, and then have you re-think how little you change over the years…


The buckle came along with an old worn in brown Harley Davidson belt. The kind that have subtle engravings with the company logo, but is without colour or flash. I’ve always had this story in my head that it belonged to some tough Hell’s Angel that lost it in a motorcycle belt fight on the highway. I could be getting foggy about that last part…

One day, as I was riding home from a day of being a bike courier in downtown Vancouver, I was flying along the Lougheed Highway trying to draft behind a slow moving car. I saw what looked to be a big snake up ahead, and before I knew it, I had run over it with my bike tires.

I stopped with a long skid. I got off my bike to assess the damage. I realized it was an old Harley belt, with this kind of fun looking BudMan belt buckle. For whatever reason, I decided to put it on right there as traffic flew by. The belt fit me perfectly on my cut-off army shorts! What a find!!

Once again, I use things a long time,  as I’ve worn this belt pretty much every day since 1991. I’m seeing a trend here. I tend to hold onto things a long while. Good thing the belt is still going strong!

My wife LOVES to collect things. Pyrex, Tupperware, Baby wraps, stuff in boxes (lol), and she is a bit excited that I need a new belt buckle! She now has a new thing to focus on! Time to pick me out a funky new belt buckle to last another 20 years…