Look at that, a blog post…

A couple of months ago I was chatting with my oldest son about his IT/computer class. He was telling me about how much he enjoyed the course, and that he was getting a fantastic grade! All great news!

Then he told me that he was doing a Google search and my blog came up. His friends were all standing around, and up popped my header image of my wife in her wedding dress, flipping everyone the bird! He and his friends got a good chuckle out it. And so did I.

It got me thinking about my blog. It’s been a very long time since I’ve posted anything! And to be honest, my lack of posting here has bothered me. And I can’t really put a finger on why? Well, that’s not entirely true.  I think it is that I have/had expectations around my content. Why? It’s my site! I am “THE BOSS” so to speak. So why place any expectations at all on myself!?

It bothers me because I really enjoyed blogging over the years, but life has gotten in the way.

And by life, I just mean the busy life I live raising 4 boys, and trying to keep my marriage together. NO ONE prepared me for how hard it is to raise more kids than there are adults in the house! By the end of the day, I am usually completely spent from working, cleaning up the various messes they have made over the time I’ve been at work, putting them to bed; and at that point I try to weigh if I should go out for a night ride(to keep my sanity), hangout with my wife(to keep my marriage), or my older kids(to just hangout with no strings). It’s never perfect. It’s rarely perfect.

I’ve come to learn that I will never be everything for my family, my work, my friends, my wife, my blog. There would need to be 4 or 5 of me, and that would be a scary thing! No body wants that many of me…

What keeps you motivated to blog/write? Below are some bloggers giving some inspirational reasons they blog.

Hope to see you back here again soon.


Readers tell us why they blog.

via The Space That Blogging Provides: Readers Respond — Discover




What I have been up to, and why I need to blog more!

I just had one of those moments where I realized I haven’t done a post on my blog for months! Oh so sad…I know you have all been waiting with bated breath to hear about what I have been up to! Right?

Well, looking at my stats, it is obvious that I have been neglecting my site, and traffic has slowed.

Looking back at the last few months, I have to say the single biggest excuse I have is that I have been quite burnt out! No one wants to hear me whine, so instead I will post a few pictures of some things that have been going on for me and my family to catch you up to date. After saying that, I need to re-set my brain and make a conscious decision to blog here with content I find interesting, versus simply posting to my various social networks. Why? Here is a quote I read the other day that seemed to ring true for me…

 I was offered a job through my blog….
I have 9000 ‘friends’ at Facebook and myspace….
I used to know most of my readers by name and knew that they all knew mine – even though there were only 200 a day….
I know a lot more people see my profile on Facebook – but most of them just are hunting for friend bait….
I used to spend hours writing things that meant something on my blog….
I now spend hours updating people on the lattes I drink and people I meet on Twitter….
I had a brand of my own on and on my own property on my blog….
I now have a brand on someone else’s property….”

– See more at: http://www.problogger.net/archives/2007/12/09/blogging-vs-social-networking/#sthash.bdaM7R1K.dpuf

Though the quote above is from 2007 (and mentions Myspace…haha), it still rings true. All the things we share online, from cute pictures, to our writing, to our involvement with others in the community, are all owned by private corporations! Not to mention the recent revelations that Google, Facebook, Apple, etc…all give up our data to the US government in secret agreements! At least my blog, or yours, has a realm of independence. I set the parameters around sharing my content. I set the license. It is my small stamp online. Even if Facebook or Twitter or Google+ go down in flames for the next big thing, my blog is still there for people to see.

I have been hard on myself in more ways than I care to share, but one thing that I have felt in the past was a block to blogging, was that I expected that if I was going to write something on my site, it better be well thought out, well written, and long enough to engage my readers to comment and interact. Why? This is setting myself up for failure! I have a gazillion kids and more responsibilities than I care to think about! I don’t have the brain power every day to write articles! So why not post a funny picture on my blog? Everyone else does it on their Facebook profile, or in 140 characters via Twitter!

To start a habit, you just need to put one foot in front of the other, and repeat…

So you are going to get whatever posts I had planned on posting on my G+ or Facebook profiles! You will be the first to gain insight into my witty humour or see that hilarious picture before it hits the social networks!

Up first, I saw a very funny image on Reddit one day about a guy that didn’t really want to bring something on “Food Day” at work. This was my inspiration for the following tasty treat I brought last Friday…


I recently decided to take the plunge and move forward in my understanding of Linux. I have been using some of the easy to install, and easy to maintain distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint, and PinguyOS. It is nice to have everything just work out of the box, but I am forcing myself to understand the workings underneath. So I picked the ‘intermediate’ distro Crunchbang 11 as my new distro! Here is a screenshot I did just after my successful install! Woot!

#! 11

Lastly, here is a recent picture of our busy family! We can never get a nice photo ever taken, and this one is funny!


It’s my WordPress Anniversary! Who knew?

Today marks a major tech milestone for me, or so my WordPress notifications have told me. It’s my 5th anniversary with WordPress.com! 5 long years!


Happy 5-year Anniversary
Happy 5-year Anniversary (Photo credit: kylesteed)


That’s longer than I’ve even been on Facebook!




Much like other online services (or even relationships!) we have all tried, time goes by and the appeal wears off.




I’m at a crux regarding my blog. I used to love posting interesting stuff all the time!




Seeing it’s my anniversary, maybe I’ll make more of an effort and try to post more thought provoking posts? No promises here, but I do have one post in the pipe about my experience using Todoist. You should check it out if you are searching for a ‘modern’ to-do list site…




Ta-ta for now!









A small milestone to share with you. 100,000 visitors! Woot.

Today I hit a milestone for the site. I finally had 100,000 visitors! Honestly it seemed like I was never going to get there…

This is an image of a demonetised banknote of ...
This is an image of a demonetised banknote of Zimbabwe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You see, I’ve been slacking since my wife and I were expecting our 2nd child together. With a total of 4 boys under 10, our life gets a bit chaotic, and I don’t get to sit down and come up with something meaningful to write about like I used to.

I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t stick to the PostaDay challenge I completed last year. But realistically once the kids are in bed, it’s hard to even find the time to talk or hang out with my wife! We need to feel like a couple again.

So, in the meantime, I’ve set up a nice workflow for my beer of the day posts. I get lots of ‘Likes’ from bloggers, so I’ll make sure to keep it up. Well, at least as much as my growing beer belly can handle. haha.

So, thanks everyone for continually coming back here. I promise that once I get my shit together, I’ll be doing a post on why Google+ is a perfect solution for blended families…

Blog updates

I was looking over my site lately, and have noticed a major shift in it. You may have too…I get quite a bit of traffic via Google searches and the majority are about Getting Things Done and my reviews of various systems.

However, as you may have noticed, I have been heavily posting Instagram updates of the things I see and the happenings in my life.

I have been extremely busy the last couple of months packing to move, moving, preparing for a new baby, and then managing the house after the baby. By the time I get home from work, eat, get the kids to bed, I have no time to blog.

So to keep the site active, I’ve created some simple ifttt triggers to auto-post when I tag certain Instagram pictures. I never intended for my blog to become a photo blog, and have been surprised by the amount of “Likes” I’ve received since this change.

I don’t plan on changing my site to accommodate photo-blogging, and hope to come out with something more in-depth soon, now that we are settling down at home and getting the semblance of a routine.

If you have been waiting for certain content, please leave me a comment as to what you’d like me to write about. It may just help me get my creative juices flowing!

Postaday2011 Challenge accepted and now complete!

Happy new year
Image by bupowski via Flickr

Well, today is the final day of the 2011 Postaday Challenge! I made it… 🙂

Here are the stats for this last year.

My site traffic increased by 200%! I got almost 50,000 unique visitors and the trend for the last 3 months shows almost 5500 visitors/month currently! Though I never expect my site to be big, I sure like seeing constant visitors and regular comment. Thank you for coming back over and over again and being brave enough to leave comments!

One of the points of the Postaday challenge was to obviously post every day. One thing that I didn’t think of was simply making it to 365 posts. I looked back and I completed 374 posts in 2011. Since starting to blog I have completed 793 blog posts. Doing the math, that means that this year alone I’ve done 47% of all my blogging, and I started in 2007!

If I look at my visitors, I’ve had 71% of my all time traffic to the site in 2011 too. Meaning, the more I post, the more visitors the site will get! Who knew? lol.

Have a Happy New Year! See you back in 2012.

Ramblings for 2012.

I only have 2 more days of the Postaday2011 challenge! There is no doubt in my mind that I have enjoyed this experience of forcing myself to blog far more than I have ever before. And, my traffic numbers show it was a success too! I’ll post my final results at the beginning of 2012.

I have been mulling over whether I will continue to post everyday next year, and have decided that I will be scaling my posts back ever so slightly.

I have a few reasons for this.

  1. The first being that at the end of March, we are expecting a new baby! Having been through the new baby experience before, I don’t think I’ll be coherent for a couple of months! I’ll blog through out this time, but to post every day may prove to be too much.
  2. The second reason(excuse) is that we are moving at the same time as the baby is due! Double crap!
  3. And lastly, I have found that there are times during the week that I have almost nothing to say on the site. It’s most likely from lack of sleep and my brain simply turning off, but why post nothing?

I thought maybe I’d sign up for a Postaweek2012 challenge, if there is one. I could easily do that and overachieve! Don’t think that if I do sign up for a post a week, that I’ll only do that. I expect that I will continue to blog more often than that!

For those of you that had hoped that the Postaday2011 challenge would break me, and I’d just shut up and go away…too bad! lol