How is Blogging similar to being a Radio DJ for me?

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Why did I get into blogging anyway? Not to be famous, that’s for sure!

I haven’t ever put too much of an effort(as you can clearly see, lol), into promotion. I have checked out all the articles by problogger and have googled the topic more times than I can count. I have a career, family, mountain biking that can’t be ignored, and a friend. Ok, I lied about the friend part…I just don’t have the energy left in my day to seriously promote the site. Continue reading “How is Blogging similar to being a Radio DJ for me?”


Happy New Year 2009

I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for visiting the site this year!

This year has been my most successful year so far. I had 215,000 requests and 14,000 visitors. happynewyear-2009Though it is not barn burning by any stretch, you checking out the site, and even braving it and posting a comment or two keeps me motivated to add new content!

Thank you again, and have a Happy New Year!

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Is there truth in Advertising? Not Often.

Welcome back to all you that thought that the site was gone!,  and should now come directly here! I thought that was the case before, but I am no network admin…

On to more important things! I have been savings a couple of advertising pics for a while, and to lighten things up with all the messed up markets and wars out there, today is your lucky day!!

Capitalism is excellent at rewarding companies that lie to consumers to buy their products. Here are a couple of obvious deceptive ads.



Heinz was correct in saying that “most men” have stopped beating their wives! Unless those wives make boring meals!


Truth in advertising rarely happens. Kids toys always look wicked on the box, with shooting lasers, bombs blowing shit up, etc…Are we setting our kids up for a lifetime of disappointment when what comes out of the box is just a pile of plastic crap?


At least the following poster tells the truth!!!


Don’t forget to bookmark the new site when you have a minute! Go hit the Bookmark button…

Will the thawing glaciers ruin your waterfront home?

If you live close to the ocean, you may want to start getting stilts placed under your foundation! With the glaciers of Greenland thawing now, scientists are raising the possibility that the oceans will rise 7 meters(or 20 feet for you imperial storm troopers).

That would cause some big problems in major cities around the world! If that happens, then maybe the corporate backed governments would actually do something about global warming. Probably not! Having read about Gross Domestic Product(GDP), corporations will make a killing of the disaster. Disaster and tragedy are Capitalism’s best friends! So, keep up the melting!

[From A Deep Thaw: How Much Will Vanishing Glaciers Raise Sea Levels?: Scientific American]

I’ll be back to you in a week! I hope that some of my bloggers can add something while I’m gone!
I am also going to be changing the theme of the site once I get back. I am getting some work done on a new logo, and favicon. If you have a favorite wordpress theme that you think will fit with the site’s concept of “silence sucks, speak your mind”, then send me an e-mail. You can find it on the Contact page!, or just click this link! larrinski

Messed up the site a bit! Sorry. Will correct it soon![FIXED]

As I talk about many different topics on the site, I want to move my branding for the site to one that encourages discussion on the topics that you find interesting, as well as the topics I find interesting to talk about! I have many more interests than just atheism, and find I talk about politics, capitalism, religion, technology etc…I have a few bloggers that have been interested in adding content, but have felt that was meant to be about atheism, and that is it. I feel that limited the kinds of content that others may have wanted to add but felt sandboxed by the domain.

I have other reasons to slowly move away from, but they are more domain related. I worry that the domain may not continue. I tried to renew for a few years but registration is only in 2 year chunks, and my hosting company couldn’t tell me what happens in 2010 when the domain is to be renewed. That would suck to have a couple of years of content, and no ability to renew it. I wanted a permanent site that I know will serve my blog needs for years. will be a better fit for the content I give you almost every day.

I will forward, and to the new domain shortly, but you will probably not notice too much of a difference. That is my intention. Give you the content you come to the site to read!

In the meantime, you may see little glitches such as the one I had tonight. Sorry about the poor formatting! I am working on a fix! I just can’t log in right now!!![FIXED!!]

I will try and fix it by the weekend, but will be away for a week after that, so if you see no updates, don’t be alarmed! I will be back next Saturday, and will catch up!

Cheers, and thanks for your patience!

Here is a comic to ease the pain…It is about the mighty Google. I hope their bots find me!



Woman fired over death threat sent from work e-mail

I think it is sad that a person would threaten the life of someone because they have different opinions. I especially think it is horrible that scientists in the US are under constant ridicule about evolution and the scientific method. I hope that is not the case in Canada! It reminds me of the abortion doctors that have their lives threatened, and are even killed by criminals that claim to represent the laws of their God. So much for a loving religion…

[From Woman fired over death threat sent from work e-mail – Network World

I find it particularly humorous that the lady that threatened the biologist e-mailed the threat from her work e-mail account at 1-800-flowers!


And here I thought that the folks that worked in the floral industry were always happy! All of this started over a stupid cracker! Pent up anger if I ever saw it!

IMO, the world needs more outspoken scientists and atheists! We need to speak out about the atrocities committed by religion, or in the name of religion. I have been working on getting more contributors to the site, along with different perspectives on the world will live in. I have a few new bloggers in the works! I have been hoping that this site would become a more collaborative forum of world events. In the next few days you should be seeing the start of this collaboration! I know you are waiting with bated breath!

Is it that hard to be an atheist these days? No…


What Hit Siberia 100 Years Ago?

Hey look everybody! Another anniversary…I must be focusing on it as mine is coming up. Must remember… 😉

It is the 100th anniversary(back on June 30th) of a big ass asteroid penetrating the earth’s atmosphere, and blowing up before it hit the ground. It happened in Tunguska, Siberia. Scientists speculate that an asteroid of this size heads to earth about once every 300 years! Crap.

[From What Hit Siberia 100 Years Ago? Tunguska Event Still Puzzles Scientists]

On a different note, did you know that blogging can be dangerous? It turns out that freedom of speech is a vestige of a long ago time, and bloggers are being arrested for stating their views. I would like to take a moment to speak my mind…

George Bush. Fuck you…You are an evil bastard.
Stephen Harper. You are a mini Bush. Quit trying to please him. You are an evil bastard too…Get our “peacekeepers” out of Afghanistan. We have no right to be there.

Good to get that off my chest. 🙂

[From WIA Report » Blogger Arrests]

Warning for my friends that have been hesitant to blog on my site. Ignore the above story, and just suck it up.