Why does it feel like that time Dubya got in?

drumpfI hate Donald Trump. There is enough dirt on this guy, and his despicable moral compass, to think he would have no hope in hell of winning an election; let alone be the President of the USA!! And, the guy hasn’t ever been a politician!?!

Really America, what the hell are you smoking? Don’t answer that…

Maybe I’m just being overly sensitive as a Canadian who could not believe people actually voted for Stephen Harper, our right-wing conservative Prime Minister. Luckily for us, he lost this time around. Well, lucky in the short-term because the long-term implications of having a anti-science, religious semi-dictator in power running a country; is terrifying for me.

Our environment is damaged. Our reputation is damaged. Our ability to help those in need is damaged. It will take time to repair our country.

And Harper is not a fucking loonie like Trump is!

Please citizens of America, do everything in your power to fix your corrupt electoral system, and don’t vote in a fascist asshole. You just got rid of one, remember?


George W Bush’s Last Day in Office!

Not in a very long time, have I been excited about someone losing their job! Today is the last day that the evil Bush is in power.

I really hope that I can look back years from now, and see an improvement in the worldbyebyebushblog in a “post-Bush” era. It may take many years to undo the nasty things he accomplished. Below is a summary of his tenor, and a few other links to finish up this horrible era…

[From George W Bush Timeline – Facts About George W Bush – Esquire]

Here is a well written retrospective from Harper’s Magazine. Lots of scary facts!

[From Harper’s Index: A retrospective of the Bush era (Harper’s Magazine)]

Here is the official byebyebush site!
And lastly, if you want to have a permanent bit of memorabilia, here is a link to a site selling t-shirts, buttons, coffee mugs, etc…

Size 10 shoes thrown at Bush by Journalist

This journalist will be a hero in Iraq! He took off his shoes and threw them at George W Bush. It is considered an ultimate insult. That takes balls. Bush’s answer to the question after is even more entertaining. This is something that he doesn’t have a problem with? This is something that can be done in a free country? WTF?

After watching this video a couple of times, I think that it was set up. It took quite some time before the men in black came out of the wings…I think Dubya is looking for some sympathy in his final hour. 😉 This made my day…

[From BBC NEWS | Middle East | Shoes thrown at Bush on Iraq trip]

Here is the Al-Jazeera post of the action.

[From Al Jazeera English – Middle East – Shoe attack mars Bush’s Iraq visit]

Here is the event!

And I just found this GIF! Funny stuff.


Taxpayers screwed by the bailouts while CEOs paid $258 Million

If I ran a company that had shoddy business practices and lost a lot of money because of it, would you bail me out? Would you let me suck a huge bonus out of the company first? No?

Well, what if you are a bank or insurance company? If you live in the USA, then you are going to pay! responsibility_for_greed_i01You have no say. The big executives and shareholders get to keep those bonuses, dividends, and profits that they got when they were lending money hand over fist, and you get to pay off the bad debts! What a deal! In fact, the worst financial companies in the US financial crisis paid out 258.7 Million to their CEOs in 2007 alone!!!! Here is a link to the breakdown of the Fat Cats incomes.

[From How much financial CEOs got paid to ruin their companies – Network World]

800px-banknotesThe capitalist free market is only so free. When times are tough, they need the poor to bail them out! And stockholders love the government getting rid of the company’s bad debt, so they can make more money on their share price.

[From Stocks surge on report of entity for bad debt: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance]

If you don’t believe that the government didn’t see this coming, here is a story of the major lending that were allowed to slack off their lending criteria thanks to the Bush regime.

[From The Big Picture | How SEC Regulatory Exemptions Helped Lead to Collapse]

And here is the story that Bush is backing the bailout. How nice of him…

[From Government plans bold financial rescue – Stocks & economy- msnbc.com]

This is just sick. If the government is going to keep these banks,lenders, and insurance companies afloat, then nationalize the entire industry. Take away the fat cats and profit taking. I don’t see that happening any time soon!!