5 Ways People are Trying to Save the World

It must be a fatal flaw that I question almost everything. It gets me in to trouble(especially at work), but in the long run, I believe I am more informed because of it!
Cracked.com seems to question everything as well. Here is a post on the 5 ways people are trying to save the world, but are failing.

5 Ways People are Trying to Save the World

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Carbon Credits are Bullshit!

Here we go again! Penn & Teller have done up a new video all about the new fad pushed by Al Gore. Carbon credits. I have never bought into this. And, apparently neither do Penn & Teller. Give yourself around 30 minutes and watch all 3 episodes. Enjoy!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

You can now stop feeling so guilty, and quit buying all those useless carbon credits! You are just making someone else rich…

And while you are at it, here is a link to my article on why recycling is not so good for the environment!