Which Big Bang do you mean?

The Big Bang is an amazing theory about the beginnings of the universe. It has a strong hold amongst scientists. Here is a relatively new idea that the Big Bang happens over and over again. I think it is pretty cool, and makes sense.

Physicist Neil Turok: Big Bang Wasn’t the Beginning. What do you think?

Another great topic that scientists and intelligent design groups like to “debate” is that nature seemsbig_bang to show some form of design. Well, it turns out that biologists seem to feel that evolution does use certain successful designs over and over again. Do they finally agree? The big difference is that scientists don’t think an “invisible man” made those designs.

Science Centric | News | There is ‘design’ in nature, Brown biologist argues:

castroAnd on a final note, Fidel Castro resigned today. He has put on a long fight against the big kid in the schoolyard. Even though many feel he wasn’t a great leader, I feel he deserves some respect.