Happy Monday! Enjoy the following Pics!

Now that George W Bush is out of power, it seems to me like the news is boring. I am working on a posting about some recent financial shenanagins. You can expect that in a couple of days. In the meantime, here ya go!
Good to see cectic.com out with a new comic!






Quiet Saturday Night. My thoughts.

I am having a quiet Saturday night, and there is nothing more pathetic than sitting around doing nothing at all, and trying to find some excitement on the Internet. So, having a couple of beers etc…I have come across the newest cectic.com comic! Wow. Some excitement! Here it is for you!


Does it say something about me, that I don’t even turn on the boob tube? I really can’t stand TV. Every 4 or 5 minutes someone is trying to sell me something. Other than the occasional soccer match on Saturday and Sunday morning, I don’t watch it. I don’t even know how much I pay a month for the privilege?? If my family didn’t watch so much, I would cancel it. Damn…

I know what a friend of mine is doing tonight! Good luck to my buddy ThePowerPlay, who just set up a blog about his gambling habit, or should I say, passion for poker! If you have an interest in online poker, he seems to know what he is talking about. 50% of his discussion is beyond me! Kind of like the looks I get when I talked about evolution…Huh?

Check it out!!!

Lastly, here are a couple of completely unrelated pics I found. The first is fucking hilarious! Haven’t we all been there at some point? The second is just a wicked pic. Would scare the shit out of me.



Have a good weekend!

FSM spotted and Astrology is ridiculous

I haven’t seen our illustrious Flying Spaghetti Monster for a while, so I was delighted to see him show up at an Apple cafeteria! Two of my favourite things in one location!! Atheism, and computers… Continue reading “FSM spotted and Astrology is ridiculous”

USA votes as the rest of the world looks on

Today is the big day in the USA that they vote in a new President. Or, should I say, the USA thinks they are voting…


Let’s hope calm heads prevail and people’s votes actually count!

Have you been following the story in Boulder Colorado where some drunk people were running in the annual naked pumpkin event? Continue reading “USA votes as the rest of the world looks on”

Did evolution come before life? – New Scientist

The main characteristic of life on our planet is that evolution created all the building blocks of life as we know it today. It is the corner stone of biology. Just like the chicken and egg question, scientists have asked, what came first, life or evolution? Here is an interesting article on some mathematics around this very question!


Did evolution come before life? – life – 15 September 2008 – New Scientist]

This question is not a new one. In fact 32 years ago Richard Dawkins wrote his book “The Selfish Gene“, he talked about selection on genes and how they played a major roll in life on our planet. He also talks about replicators(earlier versions of RNA/DNA).

When did life start on the planet? What kind of organism was it? Was it single celled? 239px-dna_overviewThe answers to these questions are not as important as replicating. Dawkins states that the ability to replicate, and reproduce was the start of natural selection in the primordial soup. It is more important to understand that, than argue about a definitive moment that we would consider life starting, as that could be debated ad nauseam. If you think about it, with various chemicals and amino acids forming chains with existing finite resources, a replicator that could reproduce a copy of itself had a huge advantage.
It effectively never died, as it passed on the code to successfully reproduce itself from the resources.

So essentially our definition of life starting should be when one of these chains was successfully able to replicate due to some mutation. Not so glamourous…I do recommend you pick up a copy of The Selfish Gene though. You can find it online as a free e-book. It stands the test of time.

I have an evolution based comic from cectic.com for you! Enjoy!


Messed up the site a bit! Sorry. Will correct it soon![FIXED]

As I talk about many different topics on the site, I want to move my branding for the site to one that encourages discussion on the topics that you find interesting, as well as the topics I find interesting to talk about! I have many more interests than just atheism, and find I talk about politics, capitalism, religion, technology etc…I have a few bloggers that have been interested in adding content, but have felt that atheist.nu was meant to be about atheism, and that is it. I feel that atheist.nu limited the kinds of content that others may have wanted to add but felt sandboxed by the domain.

I have other reasons to slowly move away from atheist.nu, but they are more domain related. I worry that the domain may not continue. I tried to renew for a few years but registration is only in 2 year chunks, and my hosting company couldn’t tell me what happens in 2010 when the domain is to be renewed. That would suck to have a couple of years of content, and no ability to renew it. I wanted a permanent site that I know will serve my blog needs for years. pakos.me will be a better fit for the content I give you almost every day.

I will forward end-of-silence.org, and larrinski.org to the new domain shortly, but you will probably not notice too much of a difference. That is my intention. Give you the content you come to the site to read!

In the meantime, you may see little glitches such as the one I had tonight. Sorry about the poor formatting! I am working on a fix! I just can’t log in right now!!![FIXED!!]

I will try and fix it by the weekend, but will be away for a week after that, so if you see no updates, don’t be alarmed! I will be back next Saturday, and will catch up!

Cheers, and thanks for your patience!

Here is a cectic.com comic to ease the pain…It is about the mighty Google. I hope their bots find me!



Some pictures to lighten things up!

I had a particularly crappy day at work today. I won’t bore you with the details… On top of that, there was not a hell of a lot of good stories to come up with something for the site.

So, I thought I would look for some pictures/comics to lighten up my day and yours. I went through many sites, and here are a few that stood out…

The first picture is a perfect capitalist idea. Stop those pesky pranksters! But I guess after a few buildings burned down due to no one pulling the alarm and being trapped in this device to burn to death, they went out of business…Good thing!


[From boners.com]

Picture two is how I felt at work today!! If I just have one more cup of coffee, it will all be OK…Probably not, but fuck it!


Cectic.com always gives me a laugh!


And lastly, I have been promising some content on RFID chips. I am still trying to get something out to you, but in the meantime here is a comic on the topic!!


[From Laugh2]