Top 10 Solar System Mysteries

From comes a great breakdown of the top 10 mysteries of our solar system. I love articles like this. Does that make me a nerd? Probably…

We’ve all wondered at some point or another what mysteries our Solar System holds. After all, the eight planets (plus Pluto and all those other dwarf planets) orbit within a very small volume of the heliosphere (the volume of space dominated by the influence of the Sun), what’s going on in the rest of the volume we call our home?

[From Solar System Mysteries | Universe Today]

One of the great mysteries/questions, is whether there are aliens, and if they have visited us. I don’t believe that we are being visited by little green men, but I think there must be life elsewhere in the universe.

Here is the latest comic from, all about aliens…



I will be away for a few days…Don’t buy the flakey wi-fi meds

I had a lady today try and convince me that some snazzy pics of the some guy’s blood showed that our blood freaks out when exposed to wi-fi. They supposedly had the cure for this dangerous malady at the store! Of course! I guess the shop owner is able to take pictures of blood platelets for some flakey homeopathic remedies, and had some where the platelets were close together. That was meant to be the blood responding to your cell phone, laptop, and ipod!

So I told her that it was very interesting, and that I would come buy some of their magic product, but…only after they submitted their “study” to scientific peer review, and also have it be a double blind study. She had absolutely no response. Not even one word. Kind of like the victim in today’s comic! Just not as bloody 😉


I am taking the weekend off to get away from this damn heat! I have been playing with the site look and feel lately, if you have been paying attention…If you like the new look, then leave a comment, or drop me a line at larrinski.

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Have a good one!

Wall Street’s laughing all the way to the bank

I love conspiracy theories! Especially ones with some teeth. Actually, now that I think of it, if it has some legitimacy, then I guess it is not a conspiracy theory anymore. The following story is about how the government in the US is backing the banks and allowing a massive transfer of wealth from the credit strapped consumers to the wealthy bank heads. In other words, if the government backs the failing banks, taxpayers will have to foot the bill. Sounds pretty legit to me, and it has some added credence as the article is written for the Globe and Mail by a Certified Financial Analyst…

[From Wall Street’s laughing all the way to the bank]

What? You didn’t think this shit happens all the time?

I can’t stand all the shows about “the afterlife”. Some really flaky expert comes on that talks to the ghosts of dead people. And of course, it is “really accurate” information and totally impossible for the physic to get before hand. Ya right, with Google out there? They pretty much knows when I went to the bathroom last…

Or even better, the physic expert goes into a decrepit old mental hospital or jail, walks into a cell and declares, “something horrible happened here. Someone died in this room!” Spooky shit! Makes for good TV, but reality is not TV, now is it? nails it once again on the topic of talking to dead people!


10 Greatest Major-Impact Craters on Earth

The major theory prevalent today of the cause for extinction of the dinosaurs is a big ass meteor strike. The impact crater of that event is supposedly at the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. That hit made the #1 spot in the top 10 greatest major-impact craters on earth. I am a little concerned however 3 of the 10 are in Canada, and 5 of the 10 are in North America! What crappy odds… Isn’t Russia bigger than us? Shouldn’t they be the top dog?

[From 10 Greatest Major-Impact Craters on Earth : Environmental News Blog | Environmental Graffiti

If a meteor was coming this way, some people would start praying no doubt… I have posted in the past that there is no evidence that prayer works. I guess if a meteor was going to wipe out life on the planet, religious groups would have a hard time explaining why God was wiping us all out. Or now that I think of it, they would probably think it was in the bible somewhere that this was a sign of the apocolypse! The greatest power of the bible is the vague nature of it’s answers. Generalize as much as possible to suit your needs…Kind of like astrology!

Well, one of the world leaders thinks highly of prayer, and thinks that God talks to him. Not good!


The latest from seems to fit the topic of the day! Cheers.


Woman fired over death threat sent from work e-mail

I think it is sad that a person would threaten the life of someone because they have different opinions. I especially think it is horrible that scientists in the US are under constant ridicule about evolution and the scientific method. I hope that is not the case in Canada! It reminds me of the abortion doctors that have their lives threatened, and are even killed by criminals that claim to represent the laws of their God. So much for a loving religion…

[From Woman fired over death threat sent from work e-mail – Network World

I find it particularly humorous that the lady that threatened the biologist e-mailed the threat from her work e-mail account at 1-800-flowers!


And here I thought that the folks that worked in the floral industry were always happy! All of this started over a stupid cracker! Pent up anger if I ever saw it!

IMO, the world needs more outspoken scientists and atheists! We need to speak out about the atrocities committed by religion, or in the name of religion. I have been working on getting more contributors to the site, along with different perspectives on the world will live in. I have a few new bloggers in the works! I have been hoping that this site would become a more collaborative forum of world events. In the next few days you should be seeing the start of this collaboration! I know you are waiting with bated breath!

Is it that hard to be an atheist these days? No…


Google buys the Roman Catholic Church

Good to see that The Onion is not the only source of religious humour! Over at, comes the news that Google has bought the Catholic Church! Oh, if it were only true…

[From GOOGLE Acquires Roman Catholic Church for $1.8bn | Badoozie

In a similar vien, back in February I posted a small video on why prayer is a hoax.(Check it out!). I linked to the site I thought I would bring up the fact that the site itself is an excellent resource for easily rebuking God. They have 50 simple proofs that God is imaginary, i.e.- a fake and religion a fraud.

[From God is Imaginary – 50 simple proofs]

George Carlin said it the best…

Religion convinced the world that there’s an invisible man in the sky who watches everything you do. And there’s 10 things he doesn’t want you to do or else you’ll go to a burning place with a lake of fire until the end of eternity. But he loves you! …And he needs money! He’s all powerful, but he can’t handle money!

From, comes an appearance of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!!!


150th Anniversary of the Theory of Natural Selection!

It was 150 years ago today that Darwin’s theory(and Wallace for that matter, as it happened at the same meeting) was announced at the Linean Society. It was without fanfare, and was well before our modern understanding of the DNA. It laid the corner stone of biology, and modern medicine.


A double whammy for Canadians, as today is also Canada Day…

» Happy 150th Birthday Evolution Theory!!!!! Dvorak Uncensored:: “”

It is not all roses for us British Columbia residents though…The damn Gordon Campbell Liberals have started the new Carbon tax today! IMHO, it is a new tax to take money from regular citizens(meaning not well off…), and giving it to the wealthy…Stealing in other words…This carbon concern is a big fucking hoax…It is a way for stocks in “green companies” to go up. Who buys all these stocks? The wealthy…Good luck trying to convince rural residences to take the bus!There isn’t one…

B.C. carbon tax kicks in on Canada Day:

Enough local politics…

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Happy Evolution Day!