A Monday Best 5 Things? Is that possible?

To start the week, I have to reflect on my weekend to come up with my 5 favourite things. But memories of days gone by count, don’t they? So, without further ado:

  1. My #1 favourite thing has to be Chelsea FC winning the 2010 Premier League Title! And to win 8-0 on the last day of the season, have the top goal scorer, top goalie for shut-outs, most goals in Premier League history, and watch Manchester United fans cry, it couldn’t have been a better day…lol. Fan-fucking-tastic.
  2. I finally went out riding in my new neck of the woods thanks to my friend Jeremy, and it being Mother’s Day. I was going to ride farther away, but I had things I needed to do later in the day, so staying close to home, I got a taste of all the good riding around here…
  3. One of my favourite things to see is a friend riding one of my bikes. And, seeing their faces smiling ear to ear enjoying the ride! My Brodie is still for sale if anyone is interested!
  4. Tonight I loved going out for one of my first walks around the property with the boys. We have gone out during the day, but it seems extra magical to go out exploring as the sun goes down behind the mountains, and the frogs start their nightly calls.
  5. I made pizza tonight(from stratch essentially). I never make pizza on a weeknight. Today was a first. Yum!

Chelsea 6 – Man City 0

What a great Saturday!!!! Nothing more to say

After a busy long weekend…

What a weekend!!!

Back on the topic of Microsoft and Linux… Microsoft is now saying that they have no immediate plans to sue Linux users. The Linux community is steaming, and now some users are ASKING Microsoft to sue them first! This school yard scrap is getting entertaining! Isn’t it ironic that Today in 1990, Microsoft released Windows 3.0, and Apple sues them!

And now, Steve Jobs introducing the famous 1984 commercial.