Photo of the day August 9,2011 – Starbucks Mugs


I love Starbucks coffee mugs! My wife and I have both been collecting them separately and together for years! We collectively have over 20 of them.

I started using Starbucks travel mugs when I was a bike courier in Vancouver in the early 90s. There was a Starbucks at Pender and Granville and we would hang out there to stay out of the rain (it rains a lot in Vancouver!), and would do our best to flirt with the cute baristas and try to convince them to give us free coffee. In exchange we would give them free beer at the Cambie on Friday nights! It was a symbiotic relationship

Anyway, back to the mugs. Starbucks offered plastic tumbler mugs with a lifetime warranty. They fit perfectly into our water bottle holders, and inevitably we would wipe out, hit something or get hit by a car, and the tumbler would break. We would go back and get a new one.

Starbucks used to offer any drink of your choice when you got a new travel mug. What a good deal! After buying a mug for $9.99, I picked a $4 drink and then got two or three free replacements before the guilt would start to kick in, and I’d buy a new one and start the cycle again. Needless to say, the lifetime warranty is a thing of the past!

I thought I was SO SMART! It was like I was making money. But man, I was so wrong about Starbucks…

I have probably spent $5000 or more at Starbucks over the last 20 years! It was like they knew that their generosity at the beginning of our relationship would cement our marriage…They were right. I love Starbucks coffee, their espresso machines, and those great mugs…

My friend Jeremy recently came back from Seattle and brought me back the mug above from the first Starbucks store! I love it! As I do with every other one I have.

Some people collect coins, others collect dolls. I collect, well you know…


Photo of the day July 20,2011 – Forty Six and 2

I love coffee. It is the dark brown liquid that binds my wife and I together. OK, that’s a bit cheesy, but we are both coffee nuts and have very similar tastes in coffee. We hate Tim Horton’s and love Starbucks!

When Em and I first became friends she noticed that I had my own Bodum at work. I started to offer her a cup of it at lunch with me. She eventually started bringing her coffee for me to try. Looking back, it was kind of cute how we bonded…

Years later, as our lives merged together, so did our coffee consumption. We easily go through about 4 to 5 pounds of coffee a month. We start to get nervous when we have about 2 pounds left. We order our coffee from a local Victoria roaster called Level Ground Trading. They are a fantastic company to deal with, and their very dark French Roast is to die for. It makes great Bodum, drip, and espresso.

Not being a large order ( 1 five pound box a month ), we try to time our order with the local grocery store in the area so Level Ground doesn’t have to deliver a single box to me. Once in a while, the timing is not perfect, and we miss our order and have to wait an additional week to get our coffee.

So this week, our rep Paul, suggested that we bump up our order to 2 boxes! 10 delicious pounds of coffee!! It showed up today at my work just as I was listening to one of my favourite songs by the band Tool. Forty Six and 2.

Then, I noticed the invoice ..

This, my friends, is not a coincidence. Here are the lyrics to the song…

…See my shadow changing,
Stretching up and over me.
Soften this old armor.
Hoping I can clear the way
By stepping through my shadow,
Coming out the other side.
Step into the shadow.
Forty six and two are just ahead of me…

My shadow is coffee…




Photo of the day July 8th

One of the parallel blogging challenges on during the 2011 Post-a-day and Post-a-week Challenges is a Weekly Photo Challenge. I haven’t signed on to do it, however now that I am half way through, I may need some inspiration and may turn to the Photo Challenge for ideas.

So without further ado, here is my Photo of the day…

Today was one of those perfect vacation days for me. I stayed home all day with my wife and baby. While baby slept, we had a nap together. This NEVER happens! Very romantic…

Then as the afternoon progressed, she went out to pick up our middle child and I had some time to myself to sit and reflect upon the day and enjoy something that is near and dear to my heart…

Three things coming together to create the perfect day. My wife, vacation, and good coffee…

The Coffee vs. Tea Showdown!

A photo of a cup of coffee.
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Anyone that knows me, knows that I love coffee! Most of my co-workers, friends and family suggest that I am ‘addicted’ to it. What? Coffee is addictive?

I have a love story attached to coffee. My fiancĂ©e and I fell in love partially due to our mutual infatuation with coffee…We started out as friends sharing cups of coffee at work together, and the types of coffees we liked. We found out very quickly that we both loved extremely strong-tasting dark roasts. We would then go out for coffee and chat, get to know each other, and it all seemed to revolve around coffee. Continue reading “The Coffee vs. Tea Showdown!”

Black Gold Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

I love coffee, as many of my friends and relatives can attest. I am also very particular with whom I buy my coffee beans from. I always buy fair trade coffees, and organic blends. Though I feel that my small effort does not do as much as I would like, I feel good about my buying decisions.

I just finished watching a very eye opening movie on the world of coffee from the Ethiopian perspective. Very depressing…But a riveting film. I got a copy of the film from a coffee shop owner where I buy my beans. If you drink coffee, and care about the world around you, please check out the movie Black Gold.

Here is a link to their site, and share this trailer.