Ramblings for 2012.

I only have 2 more days of the Postaday2011 challenge! There is no doubt in my mind that I have enjoyed this experience of forcing myself to blog far more than I have ever before. And, my traffic numbers show it was a success too! I’ll post my final results at the beginning of 2012.

I have been mulling over whether I will continue to post everyday next year, and have decided that I will be scaling my posts back ever so slightly.

I have a few reasons for this.

  1. The first being that at the end of March, we are expecting a new baby! Having been through the new baby experience before, I don’t think I’ll be coherent for a couple of months! I’ll blog through out this time, but to post every day may prove to be too much.
  2. The second reason(excuse) is that we are moving at the same time as the baby is due! Double crap!
  3. And lastly, I have found that there are times during the week that I have almost nothing to say on the site. It’s most likely from lack of sleep and my brain simply turning off, but why post nothing?

I thought maybe I’d sign up for a Postaweek2012 challenge, if there is one. I could easily do that and overachieve! Don’t think that if I do sign up for a post a week, that I’ll only do that. I expect that I will continue to blog more often than that!

For those of you that had hoped that the Postaday2011 challenge would break me, and I’d just shut up and go away…too bad! lol


Top 10 Evolution Articles of 2008

For those that have followed my blog for the last couple of years, you will probably have read many articles about evolution. In the dying days of 2008, the site New Scientist is offering their top 10 articles on evolution for free! Check it out!

150 years after Darwin proposed it, evolution by natural selection continues to be both a battleground and a hotbed of ideas.

Scientists continue to respond to the latest attacks from creationists, and at the same time propose profound new ideas about evolution.

[From Darwin’s dangerous idea: Top 10 evolution articles – life – 28 December 2008 – New Scientist]

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Looking for some interesting content…

I have been trying to add content on a more regular basis over the last couple of months. Hopefully you have found it entertaining or educational. The web site definitely has been getting more traffic.I am always trying to find good content on the intertubes to add to my site, and am asking for your help. If you go to any good sites on a regular basis that relate to my site and content, please send me a link to the site, and I may just start adding stories from the sites you like…

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