Texas Trying to Introduce Useless Science Standards!

Oh Texas, you have given the world many things, George Bush, tasty steak, lots of rednecks, and now, potentially useless science standards. That is if the bill being proposed by Rep. Wayne Christian is passed. The bill simply allows students to get credit for a science course even if they don’t believe in the theory. Even worse, there would be no ramifications for teachers that don’t teach certain topics if they don’t believe in it. Essentially, this Christian backed bill, is trying to bring Creationism into the science classroom AGAIN, but by a different tactic. I have no problem with students not believing something they are taught. We all have to think for ourselves. The problem is that teachers would be able to substitute real science with fake crap taught at Sunday school. The student needs to understand science, and needs to answer the questions on tests correctly to get credit. I may not believe in something, but if I am being tested on it, I need to know the answer. Period.

If there is one thing we can learn from this, the religious right is still hard at work trying anything they can to teach religion in the classroom. Here is a snippet of the article posted over at richarddawkins.net. Click the link and have a good read!

Christian said he filed the bill to allow teachers to continue to teach the strengths and weaknesses of the theory of evolution.

“If students have every opportunity to learn about every idea, it empowers students to have a better ability to debate,” he said. “If they are exposed to and know the other side of things, they will be able to come back and debate that side.”

But Schafersman said scientists and science educators pushed for the weakness language to be removed because it is not based on science. He said the proposed legislation would allow educators to teach creationism, a biblical explanation of the origin of humans, if they wanted.

“That is against the law,” he said. “Every court case has said creationism is religion, and you can’t bring religion into schools.”

Schafersman said that for Texas to compete nationally and globally, the education standards must be based on “good science and not get bogged down with these religious interventions into our secular schools.” He also said that Christian doesn’t understand that all science is theoretical.

Well Said…


5 Things you Must do to be a Good Creationist!

Well, it looks like a theme has started in the last few days. It’s another pick on the Creationists video, passed on from my friend Kiyoshi. He seems to be my data mining assistant…He spends hours using Stumbleupon, eyes strained, going blind, and unable to tear himself away from that damn button…Thank you…

Here is a nice vid laying out how to be a good creationist. From what I’ve read, and seen, it looks like the US is the global leader in demonstrating these traits! Keep up the good work. Not.

A picture to sum it all up…


Creationism is Bullshit, by Penn & Teller

I can’t believe that I haven’t seen this video yet! Just add it to my list of great “bullshit” videos I have posted on the site! Enjoy!
Penn & Teller Creationism Bullshit

“cdesign proponentsists”=brilliant!

The other night my wife and I watched a great show on Nova about the Intelligent Design movement and their attempt to be added to the science classroom in the States. Oh how they failed!

cdesign proponentsists is a brilliant transitional fossil between the creationists and their re-branded intelligent design that was un-earthed during the trial. I almost cried, it was so beautiful.

Maybe I waste too much time dwelling on the creationist movement, but I do get a chuckle from their lame understanding of the scientific method and what a theory is. I am sure you have heard the term,”evolution is JUST a theory”. Yup, me too…

If you missed the program, here is a link to the NOVA page so you can watch all 12 chapters.

Intelligent Design on Trial

Perhaps we should just ignore them, and they’ll go away? Probably not. They are conspiring every Sunday to convert everyone, just like my son’s old daycare provider. 😉

Church of England To Apologize For Dissing Darwin

Only 150 years too late, the Church of England is going to officially apologize to Charles Darwin for creating doubt and misinformation on his famous theory. In the USA, the battle against evolution is raging like it was 150 years ago in England. Good to see that the USA is going backwards due to their radical religious organizations.

It is also too bad that the leading candidates for the Republicans are carrying on the tradition of George W Bush,charles_darwin_aged_51 and pushing for creationism in the science classroom.

[From » Church of England To Apologize For Dissing Darwin Dvorak Uncensored:]

I am worried that if our scary prime minister Stephen Harper gets a majority government in the upcoming election, we may be heading in the same direction. Assuming that he keeps mimicking the Bush regime like he has been for the last couple of years…

I might as well put my opinion forward now about our upcoming election. Please do not vote for the Conservatives!!!!Harper is a war monger, is pro-big business, has a horrible environmental record, and is trying to push a terrible digital copyright bill that does nothing for the consumer. Harper will set up Canada to be a real target for our upcoming 2010 Winter Olympics. Unfortunately the Liberals have put forth a flip flop leader that has no leadership qualities. I just hope for another minority government, so the Liberals can get their shit together and knock Harper out of power.

It is a pretty bad right wing political environment in Canada when I hope for a Liberal government!

While I’m at it, if you are American, please do not vote Republican!!Need I say more?

Evolution for Creationists and Pastafarianism PDFs

You know, I have been writing on this site for a year and a half now! I have posted almost 300 times so far! I hope you like the effort! I know that I enjoy putting my perspective on the world out there for you to read!

But something needs to be done for those that aren’t quite understanding what all the fuss is about regarding evolution! So, as I was Stumbling around(stumbleupon), I came across this great site! Evolution for Creationists! What a great idea! A well worded, simply laid out site for the creationist fence sitters. I recommend that you check it out.

Evolution is a fact. Shocking and controversial this might sound, but bear with me. I’m not talking about Darwin’s theory of evolution by natural selection. I’m talking about the changes in the gene pools of all species that occur every single day due to births and deaths. If you accept that most members of a species do not all have the exact same DNA (which is easily demonstrated), and you accept that sexual reproduction combines the DNA of two parents to form a slightly different combination of genes, and you accept that not all creatures survive long enough to be able to reproduce, then….

You have accepted that evolution is an observed, natural fact. That’s all it is. A change in the genes over time. Evolution happens. Things evolve. That’s what it means. There is no debate in the scientific community as to whether or not evolution is a fact. It is a fact of nature, just like gravity…

[From Evolution for Creationists]

I added a new page for files and PDFs that I collect and think that you may enjoy. igod-fsmIf you ever get Jehovah Witnesses to your door wanting to pass out the Watchtower, then you will enjoy giving them back these three brochures on Pastafarianism. As well, a page with stickers to put in offending Intelligent Design textbooks, and bibles…Ya!

Check out the new page for the direct links!

Science class was missed one too many times

Find below a video by an angry lady who thinks that a rainbow in a sprinkler is a new phenomenon that never happened 20 years ago.

This is a perfect opportunity to bring up that science needs to be taught in the classroom. When we rely on the bible and religion to explain natural phenomenon, we eventually get leaders running our countries that grew up learning science from a three thousand year old book. There is no doubt that the science community is having to fight the creationist movement to keep their crazy ideas away from children. Make sure it doesn’t happen in your community!