Here is why you need to Jailbreak your iPhone…

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Yesterday I posted about the revelation that Apple was secretly storing your location data in an unencrypted file when it does backups. There is a whole lot of stink about it, including getting US Senators to directly question Apple about this practice. Continue reading “Here is why you need to Jailbreak your iPhone…”


Why didn’t I Jailbreak my iPhone earlier? Wow.

I love my iPhone. But I also hate it. Why do I hate it? Well, Apple tells me what to do.

I’m OK to be told what to do by my boss, my fiancĂ©e, the nice police officer that pulls me over for running a stop sign. But not a company that I PAID money to use their product.

I switched over to Linux last year, and have never looked back. I have moved to open source so that if a solution or idea presents itself on the software front, there is probably a developer somewhere making it. And, releasing the source code to help others spread the love. Continue reading “Why didn’t I Jailbreak my iPhone earlier? Wow.”