Happy 200th Birthday Charles Darwin!


Go buy a copy of The Origin of Species, learn something new, and enjoy the day!


200th Birthday of Charles Darwin! Let’s Celebrate!

In only a couple of days, February 12th,2009, Charles Darwin would have been 200! Though it seems a bit ironic making a big event out of his birthday( don’t the Christians do something like this every year? ), I suppose it is a huge leap forward for humanity that Charles Darwin was born. Even 150 years after the publishing of the Origin of Species, charles_darwin_young1evolution is a hot topic. It is widely debated, tested, cursed, praised, and even been called the biggest discovery of human history.

There are many events all over the world to celebrate the father of evolution by natural selection. So as to keep your web surfing to a minimum I have compiled a short but good list of various celebrations and events happening to make this year’s Darwin Day memorable!

  • To start, here is darwin200.org. A great site for you UK readers of all the events around Charles Darwin’s birthday.
  • Over at Darwinday.org, they have come up with a Google Map so you can find events in your area!
  • The Linnean Society of London where Darwin and Wallace’s papers were read 151 years ago, has some events planned too! Damn, why don’t I live in the UK????
  • Darwin-online.org.uk has a huge listing of events around the world! Including Canada…finally.
  • Nature.comhas the following to say about Darwin…”Darwin was arguably the most influential scientist of modern times. No single researcher has since matched his collective impact on the natural and social sciences; on politics, religions, and philosophy; on art and cultural relations, and in ways that the man himself would never have imagined.” Well said!

Now go out and wish everyone you know a Happy Darwin Day!!!

2008 Darwin Awards are here!!!

The annual Darwin awards are here for our enjoyment! Much like last year, the list is impressive, and the priest that won kind of adds a bit of irony to this year’s contest…being Darwin awards and all! For those that missed my posting last year, here it is!(2007 Darwin Award Winner!)

[From Darwin Awards: 2008 Darwin Awards]

Top 10 Evolution Articles of 2008

For those that have followed my blog for the last couple of years, you will probably have read many articles about evolution. In the dying days of 2008, the site New Scientist is offering their top 10 articles on evolution for free! Check it out!

150 years after Darwin proposed it, evolution by natural selection continues to be both a battleground and a hotbed of ideas.

Scientists continue to respond to the latest attacks from creationists, and at the same time propose profound new ideas about evolution.

[From Darwin’s dangerous idea: Top 10 evolution articles – life – 28 December 2008 – New Scientist]

In case you missed it, we at larrinski.wordpress.com are offering our freebee via our first contest. I must have made the quote too obscure for you…I have had a few replies, but no one got it…So I simplified it! Click the above link and remember that Google is your friend. 😉 Now that X-mas is over, the prize will make good reading to start off the New Year!

Evolution is the topic of the day!

I read many stories about evolution, usually on a daily basis. Most of the time, it is just out of personal interest and the pursuit of personal development. Too often, I forget that when I find good articles on evolution, I should share them with you!! Science isn’t usually about grabbing headlines, shocking readers, etc…It is about discovering the truth. But, I have been collecting a few articles about evolution, and have decided that today is the day! Enjoy.

Some slender Australian lizards called skinks have gone from being five-fingered to legless (like most snakes) in just 3.6 million years, a new study finds. That’s a blink of an eye in geologic time…

[Click the link for moreEvolution in Action: Lizards Losing Limbs | LiveScience]

There are many battles in the scholastic world to discredit evolution, and try to make the public believe that scientists disagree on evolution, and there is a growing movement towards intelligent design. One of the biggest battle zones is Texas. Turns out that a recent survey in Texas had 99% of the science professors that replied discrediting intelligent design! Pretty big consensous there! More evidence that the intelligent design movement is bullshit!

It reveals the results of a survey sent to biology and “biological anthropology” faculty members from “all 35 public universities plus the 15 largest private institutions in Texas,” in which they were asked to take the following taste test: evolution or intelligent design?… [Dallas – Unfair Park – It’s Science: Ninety-Nine Percent of Texas Science Professors Surveyed Don’t Believe in Intelligent Design]

Here is an interesting article of the merging of data that geological phemoninom in Africa triggered evolution in Hominins(humans and ancestors of humans).

[From Did The Planet’s Tectonics Trigger Human Evolution?]

And one of the founders of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin is having his 200th birthday, and a web site is asking for you to go to their site and record a video of why you are Darwin. The site is called http://www.i-am-darwin.org/. Check it out!

150th Anniversary of the Theory of Natural Selection!

It was 150 years ago today that Darwin’s theory(and Wallace for that matter, as it happened at the same meeting) was announced at the Linean Society. It was without fanfare, and was well before our modern understanding of the DNA. It laid the corner stone of biology, and modern medicine.


A double whammy for Canadians, as today is also Canada Day…

» Happy 150th Birthday Evolution Theory!!!!! Dvorak Uncensored:: “”

It is not all roses for us British Columbia residents though…The damn Gordon Campbell Liberals have started the new Carbon tax today! IMHO, it is a new tax to take money from regular citizens(meaning not well off…), and giving it to the wealthy…Stealing in other words…This carbon concern is a big fucking hoax…It is a way for stocks in “green companies” to go up. Who buys all these stocks? The wealthy…Good luck trying to convince rural residences to take the bus!There isn’t one…

B.C. carbon tax kicks in on Canada Day:

Enough local politics…

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Happy Evolution Day!

Evolution: Science keeps building mountain of evidence

With a recent find of an early 4 legged animal fossil, scientists are saying, “told ya so“…in response to the creationists who say there are no transitional species in the fossil record. Here is an article over at the BBC website.

[From BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Fossil fills out water-land leap]

Some evolutionary biologists are suggesting that amendments need to be made to Darwin’s evolutionary theory. Well, isn’t this what science is all about? Modern DNA analysis just adds to the story, IMO.

[From Darwin Still Rules, but Some Biologists Dream of a Paradigm Shift – New York Times]

Remember not too long ago, environmentalists warned that “one day” the Arctic poles would completely melt? Well, it looks like this year is the year! I really feel for those arctic species.

[From The Independent – Print Article]

On a much more recent note, America is collectively losing it’s mind. Apparently it is OK to torture terrorist suspects, and if the Bush administration just calls it “harsh interrogation”, everything is fine…WTF? Very sad.

[From Have Americans Lost Thier Collective Minds? Torture Is OK???]

[From » The Limits Of Torture Dvorak Uncensored: General interest observations and true web-log.]