Evolution observed in a laboratory

Evolution has been observed many times in the past. It is normally quite a slow process, and many times genetic mutations are not passed on to future generations, so varying traits aren’t passed on, or if they are they may not be easily observed.

Now evolution has been observed in a laboratory! Here is a link to a full article on recent evolutionary studies in laboratory settings. As well, it goes on to demystify common misconceptions on evolution.

Daily Kos: State of the Nation:

So, was Darwin wrong? Here is the answer…


Maybe it is time atheists started to Advertise? I wonder what would happen?

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And lastly, here is a funny picture! At least I think so…



Volcano Erupts on the Galapagoes

The internationally protected and famous Galapagoes islands are home to countless diversity, and constant threat from human intervention. Now there is a new threat to life on the islands. A volcano. There is nothing that can be done, but natural selection favours those that can adapt. Here is a small video over at National Geographic about it.

[From VIDEO: Eruption Changing Galapagos]

I have written about Darwin and Wallace before(see the related posts!), and have found a nicely written article over at the Smithsonian about the origins of Evolution, and how it was presented to the world 150 years ago. It turns out that it didn’t make a big splash to start!

[From Smithsonian Magazine | Science & Nature | On the Origin of a Theory]

Lastly, here is a very funny comic from Cectic.com. It reminds me of the Life of Brian!


Science has a dangerous history

Scientists have a long history of experimentation, and discovery. With this keen curiosity, there have been great discoveries and tragedies, with many famous people who were injured or even died for science. Who ever thought that science could be so dangerous?

[From Top 10 Scientists Killed or Injured by Their Experiments – The List Universe]

One very famous study is still ongoing. It doesn’t seem ‘dangerous’, but 40,000 generations later, I guess the danger is to not give it the credit it deserves! It is a huge amount of data and observation of the evolution of bacteria. Not the most exciting job, but fascinating for the rest of us!!

[From The Loom : A New Step In Evolution]

It has been 150 years since Darwin published the Origin of Species along with Wallace’s ideas to the Linnean Society in London. So long ago, but still causing waves…

[From ‘Darwin still causing waves after 150 years’ by News Daily – RichardDawkins.net]

Darwin’s Joyful Journey of Discovery

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article on the voyage of Charles Darwin on his discovery of the concept of evolution. I love to read different versions of what happened during that period, and the challenges faced back in those days. Can you imagine how hard travelling across the Atlantic was not even 100 years ago? Now, we just fly over it in a few hours. Piece of cake…Oh how times have changed.

[From ‘Darwin’s Joyful Journey of Discovery’ by Steve Jones, Wall Street Journal – RichardDawkins.net]

I have talked about creationism quite often on the site, and feel it is a threat to scientific understanding. Having said that, I find the following comic hilarious. Not just because I think it is funny to see Jesus on a T-rex, but because there are people out there that drew this, and really believe it!


I have the newest comic from cectic.com…You can thank me later!


Do you know who Alfred Wallace is?

I think that most people have heard of Charles Darwin. But quite a few people have never heard of Alfred Wallace. 375px-arwallaceHe came up with the theory of evolution at around the same time as Charles Darwin. Check out the Wikipedia article on him for more information. Wallacian evolution…I don’t think it has the same ring to it, but I still think he should be given more credit for his contributions.

Another person, a writer by the name of Roy Davies has done a lot of research on the topic, and feels even more strongly about it than I do(which isn’t too hard to do, as I don’t give a rats ass really). Mr. Davies thinks that Wallace came up with the idea of evolution first, and that Darwin “stole” the idea. A bit of a strong accusation but he needn’t worry, as both Wallace and Darwin are dead, and unable to defend themselves…

[From ‘Mail-boat record ‘proves Darwin stole his original ideas from a Welsh scientist” by icWales – RichardDawkins.net]

But really, though it may make for good book sales, both Darwin and Wallace are the pioneers of evolutionary theory, and they both worked tirelessly their whole lives understanding what we today can clearly see. Isn’t it Newton that said that we stand on the shoulders of giants? True, oh so true…

Evolution is NOT Controversial

With the recent movie by the dimwit Ben Stein(sorry Ben, but you have lost all credibility…) called EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed, there is lots of talk in the media about evolution and that some people doubt it’s existence. Let’s get something straight, evolutionary biologists do not disagree on whether evolution is real. They debate on the complexities of the animal kingdom, and the various types of evolutionary processes at work. They also do things that may be considered controversial, such as James Watson, one of the researchers that discovered DNA. He has made statements that people of African descent are less intelligent. Very controversial, but that does not diminish the fact that he helped discover DNA. Maybe his reputation will be tarnished(or not), but DNA still exists, whether we like it or not…

The same thing applies to evolution. Ben Stein’s movie claims that evolution was the primary driving force of Hitler’s Jewish extermination. Hog wash. Hitler made several mentions of God in his writings, and even if he twisted the understanding of evolution to fit his terrible legacy, it still doesn’t mean that evolution is bad, or doesn’t exist. It just does. The finer points will be debated, tested and changed over time, but that is not controversial!! That is called Science. It is always up for review by peers. Unlike religion, which tests nothing, states that we just need to believe, and shows no evidence of the Invisible Man…I am still waiting at the coffee shop for him to appear. A triple Cappuccino is on me when he graces me with his presence…

Evolution: what’s the real controversy?]

Today’s comic over at cectic.com is great! I just hate when I hear “well, it must be a full moon” as odd things have occurred. And then when you question the person on it, they say that it is “proven” that people are effected by the moon’s pull. Just so happens that the moon is no closer to us at that moment, but just that the sun is shining on the whole thing. Spooky…


The Darwin Papers

It wouldn’t be an atheist site without me pointing out the release of Charles Darwin’s private papers. It is an extensive collection of his research, photos, and letters. Check it out!

[From Darwin Online: Browse Darwin’s Papers]

Here is a link to “Friendly Atheist“, that talks about the Idiotic book that seems to state that Evolution is a fairy tale! Ya, right. One that has been extensively tested and retested. The first fairy tale I have ever heard of that has been tested to be true…

[From Friendly Atheist » Evolution is a Fairy Tale for Grownups, says Man Who Believes in Crocoduck]

A perfect time to link to a web site that rebutts 24 myths and misconceptions about Natural Selection and Evolution. It is a good read, and a well written account of many of the details of evolution.

[From Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions – life – 16 April 2008 – New Scientist]