Is the Internet dying?

Do you remember the good old days? The days when the internet was awesome? Un-censored, free, and enticing…

Now, we have this…


If I want to read articles online, not only do I have to use pop-up blockers, ad-blockers, and reload java & flash applets, I also need to subscribe and pay!? The funny part about the above snippet is that it links to an article about how the web is dying, and blames “apps”…But you need to pay The Wall Street Journal $$ first before you can find out how your evil phone is killing the web…

Content is filtered, censored, and only available in certain locations. Not to mention how personalized the internet is becoming. Google & Facebook only show you what they think they want you to see. And in most cases, they know you REALLY well! During Christmas, my wife was leery about loading up her Facebook News Feed, as EVERY SINGLE TIME it fed her an ad for something she was shopping for on another site! Surprise kids, you are getting a hockey net. Facebook is shitty at keeping secrets…

You start to get paranoid. Did I search for those shoes on a site, on did I see them at a store, and Facebook knew I was at that store? In the same colour none the less?

I think it is fair to say that the glory days of the Internet are coming to an end. Retailers, Search Engines, Copyright holders; they are all looking to sell, sell, sell.

The internet started out communist (for the benefit of all), and has been taken

over by capitalism (for the benefit of a few).

Maybe the internet isn’t dying, it’s just getting creepy…

Time to create a fake name, and switch search engines?



Annual employment benefits enrolment is depressing

This week is my company’s annual group enrolment for ‘flexible benefits’. It’s depressing to complete it. It is like I have to re-write my will every year. Crap.

Maybe it’s just that my life has changed so much over the last few years. Maybe it’s all the children I’ve got now that need to be taken care of. Maybe it’s thinking of my wife trying to make it without me around. It’s really upsetting to think of what happens when a parent dies, or if I do.

This last week, a young pilot died in a plane crash in Richmond BC. He was around the same age as me. He was the only one to not survive the terrible accident. He had a young child, and it made his death more personal for me.

I’m now 40, and hope to live a long life, and I hate to think about death. Honestly I don’t think too many people like to think about it either.

But why do I have to go over my benefits once a year and think about it all? Sure, it’s the responsible this to do, but I wish the benefits were set up once and I’d call them if I wanted to make changes.

I know I’m fortunate to have such great benefits, and I should be happy to enrol each and every year. Too bad I’m off to bed tonight sad as shit…

When to show empathy, and when to vent.

This evening after a lovely dinner at my sister and brother-in-law’s house, we were making our way home along a windy back road when we came across a mid sized dog named Diesel lying in the middle of the road.

My wife ran out and it was obvious that Diesel had been hit by a car and was in great distress. She picked her up and moved him to the side of the road. In the next couple of minutes, people came running from a neighbouring house realizing that their family pet had been hit.

The owner of the dog, a long haired very granola hippie guy was very distraught, and was crying. It was very sad. My wife was very sad too.

In the next few minutes the dog began bleeding out her mouth and nose, and shortly after she died.

What happened next really got me mad. The lady that lives across the road from the hippies came over without talking to them and started venting to us (quite loudly) about these people and their dog and how she had made calls to the SPCA etc to complain about it.

I understand the lady’s point of view. She was angry that the owners let the dog run free and that they were perhaps irresponsible. She made comments¬† to us and anyone else within earshot like “I don’t know why some people are allowed to own dogs.” and “My dog would never run out onto the road”.

This really pissed me off. I wanted to tell her to fuck off. It didn’t seem right. The poor owner was on his knees next to his dying/dead dog and here is the un-sympathetic and obviously bitter next door neighbour spewing her anger about this dog and it’s owners to us, essentially pointing her finger and saying “see, I told you so”.

It was the wrong time to do this. Let the man grieve and cry about his pet. He is probably at fault for letting her run free on a busy road, but at this moment, show some class and empathy. Sure, you could write him a letter or call him later once the shock has worn off. But even then, I think he learned a hard lesson today.

Have you been witness to behaviour like this before? Someone that was correct about something but didn’t have any empathy, and let someone have it at the most inopportune moment?

What? The Rapture never came? What happened?

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Today, I was very surprised that the world didn’t come to an end. And, a bit disappointed…Really, can you imagine how cool it would have been if some ghost came out of the sky and annihilated the planet? It would have really sucked for life on the planet, but if there was something that powerful around, I would be in awe! Way more powerful than SupermanContinue reading “What? The Rapture never came? What happened?”

The 6 Coolest Things You Can Do With Your Dead Body

I don’t know about you, but I really haven’t figured out what I want to happen to my body once I die. I guess that it is something you think about as you age, or has been decided for you if you are in a religious cult. The two most common decisions that are made are cremation, or casket! There are other options out there though.display2

Once all my useful organs are donated then, I have toyed with donating my body to science, and even joked about leaving my body out for the vultures to eat like the monks in Tibet do. Hopefully I have another 50+ years to think about it! Here are a couple of new ideas for people like me, that are undecided…

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