What do you use as your digital filing cabinet?

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I have been fascinated with databases for quite some time. I used Devonthink Pro Office for the longest time to store all my documents, but found that once I was out and about in the real world, I didn’t have access to it.And it didn’t help that it was Mac only…

I started using Evernote as a replacement once I needed cross-platform support, and access online. The added bonus of course is that now that I have a smart phone, I find I use Evernote all the time! When I go for a hike for instance, I have pictures of maps that I’ve taken with my phone, and have them stored inside Evernote.

I also use it as my photo backup. Anytime I take a picture with my phone, I send a copy over to Evernote so I have a permanent backup.

My issue right now though, is that Evernote has poor Linux support. Most of the benefits to using Evernote is that you have a backup of all your important things. The desktop applications under Windows and OSX allow for drag and drop backup, and access to an Export Notes to Archive feature. The web interface does not have this.

So I run Evernote in the web interface by itself. It makes me feel uneasy that I can’t have a backup of my backup on my computer. In other words, I like Evernote to plug along collecting all my snippets, photo backups, and PDFs, and once in a while I’d like an archive to store on DVD.

I’m not familiar with how well Nevernote works, but I think I will either have to see if it can do a good archive, or if running Evernote in Wine will work.

Does anyone have experience with other note taking apps on the Linux side that offer the same features as Evernote, but have an archive feature?


Testing desktop Ubuntu posting

I have been spending more and more time using Ubuntu and it’s various derivatives. I love the open source aspect of it, and the fast update cycle. I am working today on posting to my blog right from my desktop. Without running an App! Awesome!

Granted, I am running Linux on my Macbook Air via VirtualBox, so it is very easy to run virtually, with no issues.ubuntu I may end up repartitioning my HD to run Ubuntu more permanently, but I need to still find a good linux replacement for Devonthink Pro Office. And, I need to do more testing on the power management, and see how long the battery runs when running Ubuntu on it’s own.

If any of you out there are checking out the site while running Linux on a Mac, drop me a line. I would love to hear from you! larrinski

Favourite Mac Apps

I just created a new page with a bunch of my favourite Mac Apps. Check it out!