How Evernote saved the day and The Bay needs an upgrade

The Bay
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This evening we went to the closest mall and tried to stay out of the heat. Normally, I understand the need to shop at malls for the family’s clothes etc…, but I would rather be doing something entirely different…Seeing that malls in our part of the world are air conditioned, I was happy to go there!

We were organized enough to remember the watch I bought my wife for Mother’s Day. The battery had died very quickly, and we figured The Bay may be able to do something about it, seeing that I bought it there.

My wife brought the watch up to the lady, and she was told that they couldn’t look at the battery issue without first showing them the receipt. She asked another staff member just to be sure, and my wife met up with me somewhere else in the store and told me the news.

I wasn’t very impressed…

So I went to the lady that I remember selling me the watch. She gave me the same story. She couldn’t look at the watch because I didn’t have the receipt.

I told her to look me up in the system. I had bought the watch 3 months ago on my Bay account. I had ID. What’s the problem? I even put in, “you sold me the watch”…That’s when she told me that she couldn’t look me up. That their system wasn’t able to find previous purchases by customers. WTF? What kind of computer system are they running?DOS?

I recall providing them ALL my personal details when I got suckered into signing up for the silly Bay Card in the first place. The approval was on the computer. I had to be in there somewhere? I wasn’t going to get into it with the jewelry clerk, so I tried to think my way out of this bind…


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That’s when I remembered that I probably scanned my Bay statement into Evernote! I asked her if I could show her my Bay statement of the purchase, would that do? She said yes…


She gave me a strange look when I pulled out my iPhone and started searching in the Evernote App. I think she was looking for me to pull paper from my pocket. Anyway, in under a minute I found it! She brought me over to the battery lady and they checked the watch.

It’s these little moments like tonight that I see such great possibilities for technology benefiting us. That is if companies as large as The Bay here in Canada upgrade their 25 year old systems so they can find their customers…


10 Greatest Major-Impact Craters on Earth

The major theory prevalent today of the cause for extinction of the dinosaurs is a big ass meteor strike. The impact crater of that event is supposedly at the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. That hit made the #1 spot in the top 10 greatest major-impact craters on earth. I am a little concerned however 3 of the 10 are in Canada, and 5 of the 10 are in North America! What crappy odds… Isn’t Russia bigger than us? Shouldn’t they be the top dog?

[From 10 Greatest Major-Impact Craters on Earth : Environmental News Blog | Environmental Graffiti

If a meteor was coming this way, some people would start praying no doubt… I have posted in the past that there is no evidence that prayer works. I guess if a meteor was going to wipe out life on the planet, religious groups would have a hard time explaining why God was wiping us all out. Or now that I think of it, they would probably think it was in the bible somewhere that this was a sign of the apocolypse! The greatest power of the bible is the vague nature of it’s answers. Generalize as much as possible to suit your needs…Kind of like astrology!

Well, one of the world leaders thinks highly of prayer, and thinks that God talks to him. Not good!


The latest from seems to fit the topic of the day! Cheers.


Real Life Jurassic Park 2008

I would love to see a real dinosaur. Granted, behind a really big fence,765px-rexjp but don’t you think it would be awesome to see? For any of you that have seen Jurassic Park, it may be a dream for you too. Well, it turns out that scientists think the same thing! They are working on re-creating dinosaurs through the DNA of birds. Below is a fascinating article on the present research being done to make Jurassic Park a reality…

[From Jurassic Park comes true: How scientists are bringing dinosaurs back to life with the help of the humble chicken | Mail Online]