Sorry, World. We fucked up.

Stephen Harper - Caricature
Image by DonkeyHotey via Flickr

Just came across this website apologizing for Stephen Harper. lol. I thought it was cute and thought I would share. And, sorry again for letting you all down…I didn’t vote for him…

“Sorry, World.We messed up.We know you look to us as one of the last great strongholds of common sense in a swirling sea of crazy on this big ol’ crazy planet of ours.Decriminalized marijuana, same-sex marriage, our peace keeping force, universal health care, education, our stance on environment, human rights, and religious freedom made us look pretty darn awesome.Now were realizing that those things that made us awesome are being taken away from us, and its not just us Canadians who are paying the price.Turns out some of us thought it would be a grand idea to put this fucking guy in charge.”

via Sorry, World. We fucked up..