Microsoft playing dirty (like Apple) by blocking Linux on their Hardware

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I have mentioned a few times on here that I am a Linux user. I love it! It’s the operating system by the people, for the people…lol. I have grown to love the developers and users of the open source community, and whenever I read about Microsoft or Apple doing their dirty work to make sure others don’t benefit from the Linux experience, it makes me angry. Continue reading “Microsoft playing dirty (like Apple) by blocking Linux on their Hardware”


Microsoft Makes a Fool of Themselves While Defending Return to DRM

I love listening to Microsoft’s lame comments and announcements. It is no wonder that Apple and Linux distros are making great headway in the PC market! I swore that this article on defending a return to DRM must have been posted by The Onion, or on April Fool’s Day.

Sadly for Microsoft, it is a reality that they are out of touch with the digital age…I love the first question and the immediate response! “Question: Why has Microsoft gone back to DRM when the vast majority of music services have ditched it?” “Answer: It’s a first step.” HAAAAAAAA!!!Good one…Click below for the remainder of this hilarious article.

PC Pro: News: Q&A: Microsoft defends return to DRM]

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I am back! Spore has launched with great fanfare and complaints!

I am back after a week in the wilderness! Did you miss me?

A while back I wrote about the game Spore(link to Spore IS Evolution). I have been waiting for a couple spore-01-1of years for it’s release. I am still very excited to play the game and I WILL BE buying it. But, some of you may choose not to. You see, companies are all about making money…And, EA Sports is no different. They have crippled the release by throwing DRM(Digital Rights Management) on the game. It is a war that has been raging for quite a few years in the movie and music industry, and is just as problematic in the gaming industry.

DRM sucks. Plain and simple.

drmI hated Microsoft telling me whether my copy of Windows XP was valid or not every time I did a computer upgrade. So I dumped them for Apple, and if Apple gets greedy, then off to Linux I will go, and forever I will stay. If I BUY a CD, DVD, Game, Computer, etc…I should be the one dictating what I should do with it. If a corporation slaps restrictions beyond the obvious ones(copyright, trademark), then I welcome the revolt that is happening all over the internet right now towards EA. I should be able to install the game on more than 3 computers. I shouldn’t have to call them to get their permission to install it on a 4th. I own the game, I did not rent it…Here is a link to an article on the revolt.

[From Mike Musgrove – Spore, Dividing Cells and Opinions –]

If you have bought the game, let me know how the install went and if you had any issues with the DRM!
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