A friendly Easter request.

Easter eggs
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Today I went to Victoria, BC to do some shopping. I always end up wandering into book stores. I don’t know why. I almost never buy anything. I usually see if the store has Moleskine notebooks. If they don’t, I mentally grade them a C. Munro’s Books on Government Street gets an A+ for sure. Continue reading “A friendly Easter request.”


The Pre-Easter Pictures Post!

I have fallen off posting my saved images & comics on Saturdays. Sorry. Sometimes, I get occupied on Saturday, and other times I just don’t want to wait until then to get out new content. With one of my least favourite holidays this weekend( I really can’t stand stupid Easter), I am feeling a bit anti-religious today, so you get them a couple of days early!

I was talking yesterday to one of my friends and we couldn’t remember which day is the important one for the Catholics. Is it the day Jesus died, the day he woke back up, or the day he floated away? Or did they happen all on the same day? The two good things about Easter are chocolate and getting a day off with pay to go mountain biking. Oh, I guess the only other possibly good thing, is that corporations haven’t gone crazy with advertising like they do at Christmas.


I hope I don’t bump into a bunch of church hikers on the mountain this weekend!

32% Of Prayers Deflected Off Passing Satellites

With the silly Easter holiday approaching, I thought it important to bring to your attention that one prayer has been answered…Read on.

Report: 32% Of Prayers Deflected Off Passing Satellites | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source:

Last year at Easter, I was out on a lovely mountain bike ride at the Zoo, and had it ruined by bus loads of ‘pilgrims’ heading up to the cross. All wishing me ‘God Bless’.Fuck. How to ruin a lovely day in nature…Well this year I have a dislocated shoulder, so HA!!!!I got you good…