I bought a pen 24 years ago…

The other day I had a sad thing happen. My old friend got injured. He either had someone man-handle him, or he fell from a great height. I picked him up the other day and I noticed something was off…

Back in 1989, I left the confines of my parental homestead, and moved over to the big city to get an education. If there is one thing that post secondary education teaches you, it is to think outside the box. One day, as I sat through yet another boring English lecture, I looked across the 200 or so students, and noticed each and every one of them ( including me ) was using a disposable pen. Hundreds of crappy pens, trying to keep up with another lecture about symbolism and Margaret Atwood.

For one reason or another, I started thinking about all the money I was about to start spending on pens. It was probably an early flag that my mind wasn’t quite into the Arts program, and I should start all over again and go into the Sciences. haha.  I figured out that one of these disposables lasted me about a week or two before I tossed it out. In my wisdom, I figured I was going to be spending hundreds of dollars on pens over the next 4 or 5 years…Books were expensive enough (yes, a complete understatement), so spending that much to simple take notes about the books seemed like something all together evil!

In the days before the Internet, one did not simply look online to find solutions. You pulled out the 6 inch thick phone book and went straight to the back of the book and looked up what you were searching for. In my case, I went to P, and found Pens! Ah, the good old days. I saw one pen shop in Vancouver that sold all sorts of pens! At least that’s what I gathered from the 2″x2″ ad they paid thousands for. I picked up my phone receiver, and proceeded to rotary dial the store. Yup, I did say this took place 24 years ago. 😉

The fellow on the phone told me there were having a pen sale on right now, and I should come on down and he could help me come up with a nice solution to my disposable pen problem.

I went down the following weekend and on that day I realized that I grew up in a disposable generation. I was introduced to the “fountain pen“. It seemed like the perfect solution to me throwing away hundreds of pens! What a great new invention!! Ya, I had never seen one in my first 18 years of life.

I found the following fountain pen on for $40 (half price! Woo Hoo!), and the store threw in a free bottle of black ink…


I felt like the smartest guy ever! I calculated that by the end of my first year, I would break even. After that it was all profit baby!

The pen is an Elysee. A German company that sadly has since gone under, but I loved it as it was thinner almost like a regular disposal. I got a fine nib so it didn’t feel like I needed to learn calligraphy before scratching rabid notes during one of my fast paced lectures about famous authors. Yawn…

This pen has followed me around for a very long time…Through my multiple failed attempts at completing a degree, to my first serious job that required me to sign my name, to the birth of all my kids, 2nd marriage, all the way to 2013. I suppose like many German-made cars, this pen was made to last, and through time, it has proved itself without ever failing me.

That is until I picked it up last week and noticed a small crack on the pen. I don’t know how it happened. It is easy to point fingers. It could have been my curious 3 year old, an old scorned lover, an angry declined loan applicant, or simply…Time.

Much like an old classic car, it is off to find replacement parts for him. I can’t give up on him now! He’s saved me a fortune, and now it is time to repay the favour…





How Much Should You Expose Your Children to Church?

Over at friendlyatheist.com, Hemant Mehta asks the question, “How Much Should You Expose Your Children to Church?” He references a blog that talks about how to make your child a free thinker.

Where one needs to draw the line is taking your child to a day care/preschool held in a church. Children are very impressionable at that young age, and don’t understand how many things in the world work. If the answer given to them is simplistic, like “god made it”, it is easy to understand, but is simply wrong. You may end up raising a Christian if you are not careful!

Keep your children away from churches at all costs! It is brainwashing, simply put. My old day-care provider tried to brainwash my kid as well, and I got rid of her right away(click here for the story). Once you are an adult, fill you boots, but keep kids out of church.

[From Friendly Atheist » How Much Should You Expose Your Children to Church?]

What I propose? Expose your kids to science, and help them learn about critical thinking. If later on the kid becomes religious, then at least you have given them the ability to question others! Let them draw their own conclusions from their experiences. Don’t force religion down their throat.

I love learning and even better, getting that information free online. With the advent of iTunes U, you can go out and learn from some of the best schools on the planet! Even great courses on Evolution!

[From Apple – Education – iTunes U – Overview]

There are plenty of courses being shared via P2P as well. Here is a link to 58+ e-books you can download for free. There are some fantastic novels there!

[Go to– Free eBooks – All Our Classic Books and Novels]

If you don’t give kids an education, then one day they may end up working for CNN and posting the following fact…


And the clouds opened…

And the clouds opened…

Man did it ever piss out today! If you have nothing to do, click the link, “let’s go trippin’”… Obviously they have been putting something in the water down in the US of A, as they are getting dumber! There is hope though, as you can now get a free education from UC Berkeley! Some of the courses look good. And for all you over-achievers, relax and learn how to sleep at work!